AMA's rooftop beehives to house 1 million bees, promoting pollinator awareness

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The Alberta Motor Association (AMA), member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), is taking an innovative step towards promoting pollinator awareness by installing beehives at several of its key locations in Edmonton and Calgary. This initiative, set to unfold over the next two years, aligns with AMA's commitment to ecological sustainability and education about the critical role that pollinators play in our ecosystem.

The Alberta Motor Association is installing beehives at some of its locations in Edmonton and Calgary, including its Calgary Trail location in the capital city, to help raise awareness about pollinators.

"One out of every three bites of food we eat is directly connected to a pollinator, so their importance to our ecosystem can’t be overstated," said Jane Flower, Vice President of Corporate Purpose in a recent statement.

With a steadfast focus on ecological impact, AMA plans to install a total of 20 beehives, distributed across its Edmonton and Calgary locations. The rollout will occur in two phases, with ten hives slated for installation in 2023 and an additional ten in 2024. This deliberate timeline aims to create a lasting effect on Alberta's ecosystem.

AMA has entrusted the stewardship of these beehives to Alvéole, an accomplished urban-beekeeping company. Alvéole's expertise in cultivating and managing beehives in urban environments makes them an ideal partner for this initiative. The collaboration is anticipated to yield multifaceted benefits, encompassing ecological conservation, education, and community engagement.

"We’re excited to partner with a large member-based organization like AMA where there’s potential for pollinator education to reach so many people," Sean Elizabeth Higgens of Alvéole wrote.

"The AMA hives are a great way to create awareness and connect with nature to learn more about how we can support all pollinators in our cities."

AMA says it has specifically selected a docile breed of bees for the hives, which won't be located near centre entrances.

To further enhance the project's significance, the motoring association is introducing an "adoption" program for each of the bees. This unique initiative allows individuals to contribute to the project while supporting the AMA Community Foundation.

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