Motorsport Australia and S-Trend Partner to Enhance Sustainability Efforts

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FIA Member Club Motorsport Australia and its merchandise and apparel partner, S-Trend, have joined forces to improve their carbon footprint by recycling thousands of plastic bottles in 2023.

Last year, S-Trend, an Australian apparel company, achieved notable milestones with the introduction of its sustainable teamwear line, STRenew. The innovative range utilised fabrics derived from recycled plastic bottles, marking a substantial contribution to apparel sustainability.

In 2023, the company transformed over 670,000 plastic bottles into teamwear apparel for various partners, including Motorsport Australia. Through joint efforts, 8,686 plastic bottles were converted into traceable and certifiable eco-performance polyester. This material was then integrated into uniforms for administration staff and volunteer officials associated with Motorsport Australia.

Beyond the STRenew initiative's success, S-Trend's commitment to ethical standards is underscored by achieving Gold certification under the Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production (WRAP) program for its production facility.

S-Trend is proud of the achievements reached both in collaboration with Motorsport Australia for the STRenew program, as well as its progress in sustainability as a whole.