NACT hosts Sustainable Tourism Workshop at Cap Angela, Africa's Edge

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Led by NACT President Karim Azzouz, a delegation from the National Automobile Club of Tunisia (NACT), along with youth Club members and Mr. Mohamed Flis, representative from the International Federation of Sports Journalism, convened in a game-changing workshop on August 28 at Cap Angela. The workshop focused on promoting innovation in the fields of sports, tourism, and sustainability, signifying a pivotal step forward in these areas.

The highlight of this special day was an innovative workshop, discussing upcoming sports events and innovative plans for the upcoming COP 28 conference. With Cap Angela's beauty as a backdrop, the delegation united to redefine Tunisia's sports landscape and promote sustainable tourism.

Showcasing their dedication to the environment, the team kicked off a thorough cleanup campaign, giving a new sparkle to the area. A meaningful olive tree planting represented unity between NACT and Cap Angela's spirit.

At the heart of the workshop were key ideas, with the spotlight on the "Four Seasons Tourism" initiative. This creative plan envisions Tunisia becoming a year-round destination, making the most of its history from Bizerte to Tataouine.

The workshop also introduced climate-focused plans, laying the groundwork for exciting concepts and projects to come.