FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme Promotes Sustainable Practices among FIA Mobility Members

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The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme has been designed to help Motor Sport and Mobility stakeholders worldwide to measure and improve their environmental performance and relies on a three-level framework of accreditation. The Automóvil Club de Chile (ACCHI) — which has just received 1-star accreditation in recognition for its commitment to adopt and promote more sustainable practices ­— is the latest Club to have joined the list of accredited FIA Mobility Members.

"As promoters and referents of safe and sustainable mobility in Chile, receiving 1-star accreditation of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme fosters the continuity of our work, the development of high-impact initiatives and programmes aiming to deliver new solutions that will provide environmentally friendly urban ecosystems and at the same time contribute to building smarter and efficient cities in our country. We expect to be up to the challenge that receiving this significant distinction implies and we place our trust in the successful work we have been carrying out over the past years regarding electromobility, energy efficiency and climate change," stated Automóvil Club de Chile General Manager Alfredo Lavanchy.

Launched in 2012 for Sport stakeholders, the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme was extended to Mobility Clubs in 2019, starting with three pilot projects. The Programme is perfectly adapted to the services and operations of FIA Clubs in both Sport and Mobility, independent of their size. It offers a tailor-made solution for all FIA stakeholders and aims to accompany them in introducing a clear and consistent environmental management system.

The Programme offers three levels of accreditation from basic to best practice: 

  • 1-Star – Basic Practice: requires the demonstration of basic environmental performance and a commitment to improve;
  • 2-Star – Good Practice: requires the demonstration of good environmental performance and to be close to follow internationally developed roadmaps toward environmental management;
  • 3-Star – Best Practice: requires the demonstration of best practice and a commitment to seek continual improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system. 

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme is a strategic tool that the FIA intends to leverage as part of its Environmental Strategy by encouraging all its Members to join the Programme and get accredited. 

By enabling Clubs to join a collective effort to exchange best practice and drive continuous improvement on environmental performance, taking part in the accreditation process can bring many benefits to FIA Members. In addition to help them strengthen their credibility and member’s confidence and attachment, it can give them the tools to reduce operational costs and serve as a training tool to implement other international standards, such as ISO. 

So far, the FIA Mobility Division has accredited 7 Clubs. The Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF), the Automóvil Club del Ecuador (ANETA) and the Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) received 3-star accreditation, the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC WA) received 2-star accreditation and the ANA Automóvil Club A. C. (ANA), the Touring & Automóvil Club de Colombia (ACC) and the Automobile Club of Chile (ACCHI) received 1-star accreditation. 

Additionally, a number of accreditation processes have been started with Mobility Clubs all over the world and more FIA Members are expected to receive accreditation in the near future.