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With the rise of innovation and digitalisation as the new drivers of urbanisation, cities around the world are actively looking for solutions to make their infrastructure systems more resilient, better integrated and consumer-focused.

fia smart cities, eForum, asia-pacific, season 5

Cities in Asia-Pacific are going through this unprecedented change: local governments start implementing smart cities policies, leverage IT infrastructure technologies, integrate software solutions in urban planning. Policy makers conceptualise the smart cities vision, applying a new set of data tools and evidence-based regulations to make urban ecosystems fit for a digital age. Consumers, as well, are changing their habits, considering the environmental footprint and overall efficiency of preferred mobility options.

The FIA Smart Cities eForum will deep dive into main trends in smart cities development in Asia-Pacific, focusing on the case studies demonstrating the smart and sustainable mobility transition. Interactive sessions and expert insights will explain how data can become an enabler of broader sustainability targets, how environmental goals can be optimised through the use of technology and how user-centric services drive the agendas of global automotive players.

This eForum is organised in partnership with key local stakeholders committed to fostering the process of knowledge-sharing in Asia-Pacific and realising the smart cities vision around the world.

The winner of the Asia-Pacific edition of the FIA Smart Cities Global Start-Up Contest will also take the floor to present their innovative smart and sustainable mobility solution to the audience.

The Exhibition Hall and Networking Area of the platform will allow participants to find out more about FIA Smart Cities Partners’ initiatives and build connections with like-minded professionals.

fia smart cities, eForum, asia-pacific, season 5