Second FIA Smart Cities eForum Season 5 focuses on Europe

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The volume and speed at which data is generated, processed and stored today is unprecedented. It will fundamentally alter the transport sector. The fusion of data originating from connected cars, sensors, crowd-sourcing and other channels gives access to new knowledge about transport activity and flows. It also creates certain risks concerning consumer privacy and use of personal data.

More than ever before, European cities are rethinking the way in which real time transport data is collected and analysed. In parallel, the volume of data produced and owned by private sector operators has increased exponentially, resulting in a growing attention to open data policies and public-private partnership models to improve the use of transport-related data. The City of London, hosting the upcoming races of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, is one of the pioneers in leveraging data solutions for making evidence-based transport policies and launching efficient on-demand mobility services. The FIA Smart Cities eForum – Europe will highlight how London transport authorities are implementing open data policies in order to enhance the capital’s urban transportation system. The eForum will also explain how cars of the future are becoming 'computers on wheels' that will be permanently connected to their surroundings. The outlook on connectivity and data sharing systems will be complemented by a broader perspective on smart urban mobility, focusing on opportunities and risks cities are facing as we speed into the future.

To analyse these trends, the eForum will gather government representatives, industry players, mobility experts, and innovative entrepreneurs to discuss how to leverage data and unleash the potential of connectivity. The eForum will bring perspectives from cities and organisations working on urban matters. It will also explain challenges and opportunities faced by day-to-day mobility users, represented by FIA Mobility Clubs.

Transition-One, winner of the European edition of the FIA Smart Cities Global Start-Up Contest, will also take the floor to present its innovative retrofit solution to the audience.

The Exhibition Hall and Networking Area of the platform will allow participants to find out more about FIA Smart Cities Partners’ initiatives and build connections with like-minded professionals.