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Latest decisions about Historic Motor Sport

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At its meeting in Geneva on 9 March, the World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions concerning Historic Motor Sport.

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On proposal of the Historic Motor Sport Commission, the World Motor Sport Council has re-elected the Presidents of the Historic Sub-Commissions – Messrs John Naylor (Circuits), Rod Parkin (Rallies), Stan Minarik (Hill Climb), Gunther Stamm (Vehicle Compliance Sub-Commission) and John Symes (Technical Working Group) – for 2017.

Amendments have been made to the sporting regulations of the 2017 FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship. The allocation of the number of tyres per car and per event has been modified for the Category 1 cars (pre-1970), which will, as in 2016, be able to register up to 14 tyres. The reduction from 14 to 10 “dry weather” tyres per rally for the other three Categories (2, 3 and 4) has been confirmed, with the number of “full wet” tyres, if they are defined as such and appear on the list drawn up by the FIA (see here), remaining free. The only Category 2 to 4 cars that can disregard this rule are those for which none of the listed “full wet” tyres would be appropriate in terms of dimensions – these cars will appear on a list of exceptions and will be able to register up to 14 tyres per event.

Various modifications and clarifications have been made to Appendix K and may be consulted in the updated version of the regulations (available here). The procedure for appeals before the Appeals Sub-Commission against a decision by an ASN to refuse to issue an HTP has been clarified. In Appendix VII to Appendix K, it has been decided to authorise the A112-A2 type engine block as a replacement part for all Abarth cars using a Fiat Abarth 982.2 cm3 engine, on condition that it undergoes resleeving bringing the bore to 65 mm. For Chevron B19 cars, AP Lockheed 2361 and/or Girling AR5 callipers and ventilated discs are now accepted at the front and rear. Peugeot 309 GTi cars (Homologation No. 5332) can henceforth be equipped with AP Racing CP6628 and CP5040 front brake callipers to compensate for the unavailability of the CP3345-88/89S4 previously authorised via an Option Variant. Lastly, as from 1 January 2019, for Lola T70 Mk I and II cars of Period F equipped with a Chevrolet engine, Weber carburettors must be fitted on a “side draft” type intake pipe.