Automobile Club of Moldova drives significant safety improvements through Star Rating for School programme

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Three school zones jumped from a 1-star rating to a 4 or 5-star rating, after participating in the FIA School Assessment Toolkit programme. The project was funded by the FIA Foundation and the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme.

The Automobile Club of Moldova, under their ‘Safe Crossings – Safe Journeys’ project, carried out Star Rating for Schools assessments in three cities, Balti, Ungheni and Singerei.

The FIA School Assessment Toolkit  aims to make road crossings safer for school children. Each school zone is rated out of 5, with 1-star being the least safe and 5-star being the safest. The programme is run globally and has so far benefitted more than 3000 students and vulnerable road users worldwide.

The Moldovan project sought to provide safe and sustainable low-cost interventions at three selected pedestrian crossings.

These interventions included clearly marking the pedestrian crossing, preventing parking within a certain distance of the crossing to enable drivers to clearly see the crossing, and installing speed limits. Local school pupils even got involved, picking up paintbrushes to clearly mark where the crossing was. Schools also ran educational programmes in parallel.