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Promoter of the Stock Car Pro Series, Vicar Announces F4 Brazilian Championship Certified by FIA. Using new technology and next generation cars, the initiative creates a fundamental training field for the country’s young talents.

Leading Brazilian motorsport company and promoter of the Stock Car Pro Series, Vicar announced the launch of the F4 Brazilian Championship Certified by FIA in 2022. The agreement was signed in August in Italy by Fernando Julianelli, CEO of Vicar, and Gianfranco De Bellis, CEO for Tatuus, the official manufacturer of the cars and licensed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The new championship will be supervised by the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA) whose president, Giovanni Guerra, devised the project and was instrumental in the talks with the FIA. “Formula 4 was created by the FIA to be the first step for go-kart drivers who dream to compete in Formula 1 and need a series that gives continuity to their learning process, as well as develop them in the professional aspects of the sport”, explains Fernando Julianelli.

Driver training – “There is an important gap in Brazilian motorsport in terms of career continuity, which we will now be filling, including a car so updated that it will only debut worldwide in 2022. Another important point is that we will have in Brazil the same equipment used in the main international motorsport centres. Our objective is to encourage new talents and give our kart racers the opportunity to be prepared to compete at a high level without having to leave Brazil too young”, continues the CEO of Vicar.
“I am particularly happy, because from a conversation between the CBA and Vicar, at the Stock Car round held in Goiânia, in the first semester, the opportunity was born to speak directly with Gianfranco De Bellis”, says Giovanni Guerra, president of the CBA.
“On that occasion, Vicar immediately embraced the idea and, today, seeing the result of our efforts, we undoubtedly feel an enormous satisfaction. We have the feeling that we are doing what we came to do in the CBA administration. I'm really happy that Brazil is filling this gap. And we are even happier for the fact that we are bringing to the country to the most modern series at this level in terms of preparing drivers for the future”, continues the CBA president.

Chassis: new generation – The F4 Brazilian Championship Certified by FIA will use the F4 T-021 model, second generation of chassis manufactured by Italian Tatuus, which will debut worldwide in 2022. Since then it has since been responsible for preventing serious injuries in many accidents all over the world.
The F4 Brazilian Championship will use the Abarth-Autotecnica 1.4 engine, with 176hp and a six-speed gearbox from the French specialist SADEV managed by Magneti-Marelli paddle-shift and electronics. The tires will be imported, specially produced by Pirelli.
An accomplished racing drivers manager, as well as a former FIA Karting World Champion in 1995, Gastão Fráguas Filho was appointed the F4 Brazilian Championship project leader. Another important aspect is that, in addition to the official name including the FIA brand, the new championship shows its direct link with the projects of the sport's highest authority by awarding its champion 12 of the 40 points necessary for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship superlicence.

3,000km in a racing car – With six rounds comprising three races each, the F4 Brazilian Championship Certified by FIA will compete in the event promoted for the Stock Car Pro Series, the largest championship in Latin America. The races will be broadcast live on BandSports pay TV channel, and Stock Car media (Facebook and Youtube). “The drivers will compete in 18 races, in addition to free practice sessions and qualifying, totalling around 3,000 km throughout the season”, points Julianelli. According to the Brazilian executive, the project also includes a racing academy formed by specialists who will instruct drivers on important professional topics, such as notions of marketing, media training, social networks, automotive mechanics and electronics, data interpretation, relationship with the team, interaction with engineers, among many other fields of learning.

Chassis - Tatuus F4 T-021, produced in Italy
Engine - Abarth-Autotecnica (Italy), 4 cylinders in line, 1,370cm3, turbocharged, twin camshaft, ECU management Marelli SRG-141, 176hp at 5500rpm and 250Nm at 4,000rpm
Transmission - Manufactured by Tatuus and SADEV. Transverse, six gears + reverse. Operated by paddles on the Tatuus/Next Solution steering wheel.
Safety - FIA Specifications. Survival cell with anti-intrusion panels, flanked by impact-absorbing foam. Tatuus front and rear impact absorbing structures, removable head and foot protection, pull-out seat in the event of an accident, electronically operated fire extinguisher, wheel retaining cables, FIA standard fuel cell.
Suspension - Front and rear: pushrod type, double wishbones, adjustable double shock absorbers, 36mm Eibach springs.
Brakes - Four-piston callipers, ventilated discs
Wheels - OZ aluminium 8x13 in (front) and 10x13 in (rear)
Tires - Pirelli: 200/540-13 (front) and 250/575-13 (rear). Versions: slick (P Zero) and rain (Cinturato)
Bodywork - Carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforcements, standard adjustable FIA wings. Adjustable support (lower) wing. Protection 10mm wood plank and 5mm skid at the bottom of the chassis

Aerodynamics - CFD (computational fluid dynamics) optimized surfaces and cooling. Louvers on the sidepods to improve cooling and air extraction. Aerodynamic "map" for front and rear wing, gurney and ground clearance adjustment for front and rear
Data management - Front and rear brake pressure, steering rotation, front wheel speed, acceleration level, gear ratios, among others. All main parameters available on the steering wheel display

Events format
2 free 45-minute practices
1 30-minute qualifying session
2 25-minute races
1 25-minute races