Empowering India's Motorsport Community: FMSCI's Steward Training Program

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Supported by the FIA, and as part of the India Development Program, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) is leading a nationwide Stewards' Training Program aimed at enhancing stewarding capabilities across the country.

Supported by the FIA Sport Club Development Program, which aims to empower FIA Sport Clubs globally, the FMSCI Stewards’ Training Program resulted from two FIA visits in 2023 highlighting the local need for Stewards and Race Directors Training.

Subsequently, the FIA provided comprehensive training to FMSCI staff, including guidance on training development and delivery.

Taking place in five major cities spanning all four regions of India, the program aims to equip stewards with essential skills and knowledge to ensure the smooth conduct of motor sport events. 

The sessions, held from 9AM to 6PM, commenced in Chennai on February 10th, followed by Bengaluru on March 10th, and are scheduled to continue in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata on March 23rd, 30th, and April 7th respectively.

With over 150 stewards trained in Chennai and Bengaluru alone, the majority of whom are first-timers, FMSCI is making significant progress in nurturing new talent in the field of motor sport stewardship.

FMSCI President Akbar Ebrahim said: “I am delighted by the success of our Training Program in India, aimed at cultivating the stewards of tomorrow. This initiative empowers regional officials, leading them to excel in motor sport, regardless of their backgrounds or career paths”.

The comprehensive training agenda covers a range of modules, including an introduction to stewarding, FMSCI disciplines, roles and responsibilities of a steward, duty of confidentiality, conflict of interest, and specific aspects of two-wheel sport and psychometry. 

Emphasising the process of stewarding in India, the program concludes with a closure session and survey to gather feedback for continuous improvement.

Following the training, FMSCI will conduct an online exam nationwide for all attendees, paving the way for the allocation of appropriate licenses based on performance. Additionally, training sessions will be recorded with plans to develop an e-learning module on the FMSCI upcoming website.