Empowering Iraqi Officials: FIA Training Experts Drive Motorsport Excellence

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In a successful collaboration, a team of FIA Training Experts joined forces with Jordanian trainers to enhance the skills of Iraqi officials through the Iraqi Officials Training Program. This initiative, supported by the Motorsport Funding Programme and in coordination with the Iraq Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (IAMF) in 2023, focused on intensive training and the implementation of key race arbitration laws. It marked a significant milestone in boosting the skills of Iraqi referees in motorsport.

Spanning the entire year, the project, initiated on March 3, 2023, unfolded various activities. The initiative featured a one-week training for Iraqi officials that began on August 15. The highlight was Iraq's inaugural championship in the Speed Set category on November 24, drawing over 65 drivers, with 55 approved participants.

With the support of the FIA Motorsport Funding Programme, safety measures were seamlessly integrated, ensuring the security of all participants. A campaign against drug abuse, a significant cause of road accidents, was also launched during the event, contributing to a holistic approach to motorsport safety.

The project leveraged the FIA Motorsport in a Box toolkit, which comprises ready-to-use items such as stopwatches, trophies, clipboards, flags, and tabards, establishing a foundation for safe grassroots motorsports and encouraging widespread involvement.

Robert Reid, FIA Deputy President for Sport, said: "I am proud to see tangible accomplishments and I commend the Iraq Automobile and Motorcycle Federation for successfully hosting affordable and secure grassroots events, fostering the growth of motorsport participation."

Raed Majeed Ameen, IAMF President, said: “I express my gratitude to the FIA for their commitment to the development and training of referees in Iraq. I am hopeful for similar projects in the near future to enhance the knowledge and skills of both drivers and referees in motorsports”.