BMF Hosts 13th Annual Motorsports Medicine Seminar

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The 13th Bahrain Motorsports Medicine Seminar, held at the Crown Plaza Hotel on February 20th, 2024, brought together 75 attendees for a day of learning and collaboration. Spearheaded by the Bahrain Motor Federation (BMF), the seminar showcased the latest advancements in trauma management and the effective handling of injured drivers.

The seminar, a pioneering initiative in the MENA region, has been held annually for 13 years and is fully sponsored by the BMF. Throughout the event, a panel of 8 speakers shared insights and expertise in a comprehensive program covering various aspects of motorsport medicine. 

Participants engaged in theoretical sessions addressing critical topics such as marshaling principles, safety protocols, and fire rescue techniques. They also had the opportunity for hands-on training, reinforcing their skills and readiness in real-life scenarios.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Thawadi, BMF General Manager and FIA Volunteers and Officials Commission’s President, joined the roster of speakers, emphasising the collaborative effort to enhance safety standards in motorsports.

A notable highlight of this year's seminar was the live streaming of the event, extending its reach beyond Bahrain to all MENA regions. This approach ensured broader access to invaluable knowledge and resources, furthering the mission of promoting safety and expertise in motorsports across the region.

Full list of speakers:

  • Dr. Amjad Obaid – Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Nasser Mohamed – Deputy Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Yasser yar Mohamed - Doctor
  • Dr. Mukesh Kapoor - Doctor
  • Dr. Ramy Al-Ansari - Deputy Chief Medical Officer
  • Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Thawadi – BMF General Manager 
  • Mr. Ali Fini – MMC Board Member / Member of Training Committee 
  • Mr. Ayoub Al-Salman – Chief Emergency Coordinator