FIA Introduces New International Licence Structure for Drivers

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Changes to the International Sporting Code ensure drivers’ experience corresponds with the performance of car and category they compete in. 

The FIA has introduced a new international licensing structure for racing and rally drivers. The changes will come into force from 2022 and offer a simplified set of licence grades in accordance with disciplines and level of car performance. 

The changes effectively create a streamlined structure for rally, cross country and hill climb, in a similar way to circuit racing. This ensures that drivers have the appropriate experience and safety knowledge that corresponds to the performance of the car and the category they are in. 

Under Appendix L of the International Sporting Code, a new simplified set of licence grades has been published in accordance with disciplines and level of car performance. This enables drivers to qualify progressively from low performance cars to higher-performance cars.  

In addition, drivers wishing to switch between karting and autocross or rallycross will benefit by having one licence based on the same criteria, to make it easier for drivers to move between disciplines. 

Adam Baker, FIA Safety Director, said: “This represents one of the biggest changes to the FIA International Driver Licence structure for a decade, and is the culmination of more than two years of hard work between the sporting departments within the FIA, the FIA Sport Commissions and a working group of National Sporting Authorities.” 

You can view the updates to Appendix L here