FIA delivers Sport Grant Programme funding to support African Rally Championship

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FIA funding will be provided through the Confederation of African Countries in Motor Sport (CACMS) to deliver safety enhancements to African Rally Championship competitors.


The FIA Sport Funding Commission is pleased to announce that it has approved funding through its Sport Grant Programme to a project submitted by the Confederation of African Countries in Motor Sport (CACMS) to equip a number of competitors with FIA-approved safety fuel tanks. The benefits of the funding are two-fold: it will enable those competitors to participate in the final rounds of the 2018 championship and future seasons, and most importantly, help them to bring essential safety improvements to their cars.

Ten African competitors will benefit from the funding, with the provision of the FIA-approved safety fuel tanks made possible through the generous support of ATL Ltd (Aero Tec Laboratories), the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel cells for use in motor sport. ATL’s FIA homologated fuel cells can be found in cars competing across all FIA championships.

The FIA’s Sport Grant Programme, now in its fourth year, enables the FIA to help its National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) in developing safe, fair and well-run motor sport all around the world.

FIA Deputy President for Sport, Graham Stoker, says the Sport Grant Programme is an essential part of guaranteeing the future growth and well-being of motor sport.

“Our clubs may have an important project that they really want or need to deliver, the funding for which is simply not achievable,” said Mr Stoker. “This is where the Sport Grant Programme can help.”

“The project submitted by the Confederation of African Countries in Motor Sport (CACMS) will help to bring crucial safety improvements to ten cars and in addition will make the cars eligible for the final events of the FIA African Rally Championship and consecutive years, meeting one of the key assessment criteria for the programme.

“The next funding round, for 2019, is currently underway and we look forward to assessing further projects that could make a real difference to the growth and betterment of motor sport around the world.”

Giles Dawson, Managing Director of ATL Ltd commented: “ATL is committed to developing products that improve safety in motor sport. We are therefore proud to support the FIA in its funding for the African Rally Championship through this collaboration that will see the African competitors equipped with the latest FIA-approved safety fuel tanks.”

For more information about the Sport Grant Programme, see the FIA website: