The FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety Advisory and Expert groups meet in Paris

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Today, the steering group of the FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety, made of advisors and road safety experts, met in Paris at the FIA offices

HLP meeting, paris

With more than 30 confirmed participants, the group reflected on the progress that had been achieved on road safety initiatives thus far, as well as discussed the work plan for the upcoming year. The agenda contained numerous items, and these topics included:

  • The ongoing progress and establishment of the UN Global Road Safety Fund as well as the role of the panel in building support for contributions;
  • Progress on a voluntary commitment on minimum safety standards with automobile manufacturers;
  • The roll-out of the #3500LIVES campaign around the world, as well as how the lessons learned from this campaign could be used to build regional capacity for road safety campaigns;
  • Next steps for “Movernos Seguros”, an IDB-FIA initiative in Latin America with the insurance industry;
  • Successes and lessons learned from in-country road safety missions in Myanmar and Azerbaijan, as well as discussions on new missions in Mexico City, Mongolia, Nepal, Malaysia, and Vietnam;
  • The launch of a new road safety partnership in India between the FIA and the World Economic Forum;
  • A progress update on a study to assess the cost effectiveness of road safety interventions in country when compared to other public health interventions;
  • The ongoing establishment of regional road safety observatories, and progress on the ESRA survey in Latin America;
  • Improving the use of current data available, and what some next steps could be in improving the quality of road safety data globally.

At the meeting, there was much discussion on how to best build support for the UN Road Safety Fund, as well as ensure there are no similar initiatives by other institutions that would dilute the impact of the fund. The  advisors and experts also talked about the possibility of using existing initiatives to help build support, both from the public and private sector, for the UN Fund, which is entering the final phases before a decision on its formal establishment. 

Regarding the in-country missions, there was a discussion on how to ensure the sustainable impact within a country after recommendations by experts were presented to respective members of governments.

In addition, of much interest to the Panel in this session was the improvement of road safety data around the world, and what steps needed to be taken in order to reduce the data discrepancy between reported road fatalities and the WHO estimates. It was agreed that the improvement of data collection and quality is a critical step in improving the road safety situation around the world, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

HLP meeting, paris