Polish auto club educates teenagers on road safety through its “From scooter to Harley” initiative

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In May 2016, the Automobile club of Poland, Polski Zwiazek Motorwy (PZM), carried out the “From scooter to Harley” initiative with support from the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme. The project targets teenagers and aims at improving road safety among this population

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In Poland, the legal age to start riding scooters and mopeds is 14 years-old. In this framework, the initiative developed by PZM intends to raise these teenage drivers’ awareness of the potential risks they face on the road.

The programme targeted students from thirty-four schools. In each of these schools; the Warsaw Traffic Police and the Harley Davidson Club came to meet the young students. The sessions always started with the police introducing a dangerous situation to educate students on the risks of scooter driving. Then, with the support of the Harley Davidson Club, the police opened a discussion with the teenagers to make them react to the dangers which they might encounter while on the road. The meeting enabled the students to share their experience with the seasoned drivers of the Harley Davidson Club. The sessions ended with the teenagers getting some practical training thanks to driving simulator lessons.

After the meeting, students were tested on their knowledge of road safety regulations. Each school determined its best students who took part in the final national contest. The finalists competed for the opportunity to win a scooter.

Through this initiative, the PZM trained young drivers in a fun way and helped them understand that the road is not a playground. The project received support from the City Hall of Warsaw as local authorities strive to educate teens at an early stage in order to save their lives in the future.

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