connectivity, intelligent transport systems, connected cars




With an eye on the future, the FIA is working toward comprehensive integration of new technologies in personal mobility.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) play a significant role in shaping the future of mobility both in developed and developing countries. Connected vehicles will contribute to improving the safety and the environmental performance of cars, and connected mobility will enable the availability of a portfolio of mobility solutions, giving greater accessibility to consumers.

Quote: “By ensuring consumers have their choice, more and better service offerings from a range of providers will be available to them”

Key area of activities:

  • Operating at an international level to promote the most appropriate regulatory framework, ensuring that the main consumers’ principles are taken into account: fair competition in the market; free choice of services; high data protection and security standards;
  • Creating awareness among end users to stimulate market demand for new solutions;
  • Encouraging dialogue and discussion at the international level with stakeholders involved in the field of collaborative mobility.