FIA Driver Categorisation


FIA Driver Categorisation

The FIA Driver Categorisation list will replace the current FIA WEC, FIA GT3 and IMSA lists from 2015 onwards in a single list.

The FIA Driver Categorisation is the basis for all FIA Championships that use a driver system, and can be adopted by any series.
The initial categorisation is based on the driver's age and career record, which may be adjusted in subsequent seasons according to the recorded race pace and results of the series that are using the categorisation system.
Please find below the link to apply for a FIA Driver Categorisation, together with the FIA Driver Categorisations Regulations and the latest version of the 2016 Drivers' Categorisation List.

Should you intend to contest your allocated FIA Driver Categorisation, please return to your application form and click on the section « category objection ».

Please find below the 2016 Drivers Categorisation list, which is the updated version of 21 October 2016:

Please find below the provisional 2017 FIA Drivers Categorisation list: