Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation hosts FIA Drag Racing Scrutineers Training

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The FIA and the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF) recently hosted the second edition of the FIA Drag Racing Scrutineers Training at Dirab Park, Riyadh, from 8-9 November.

The event brought together 33 scrutineers from the host Club and representatives from various FIA Member Clubs, including the Oman Automobile Association (OAA), the Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC), and the Bahrain’s Motor Federation (BMF).

“Given the nature of Drag Racing, scrutineers face a very complex challenge, as they have to accommodate with cars that are technically very different in terms of performance and safety,” said Lars Pettersson, FIA Drag Racing Commission President.

“It is therefore important that they follow the same protocols and use the same technical language regardless of the country. The training allowed us to go through all the procedures and exchange best practices,” he continued.

“In such Region where the discipline is developing very fast, having the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise is very important for us to support the safe evolution of the sport”, He concluded. 

FIA’s Technical Delegate for FIA EDRC, Frans Steilberg, and Junior Safety Engineer, Luis Gois, were among the speakers, while all the participants also received a lecture from the SFI Foundation’s Technical Director, Mike Hurst. 

“For us in Saudi, it is with pride that we could host the FIA Drag Racing Scrutineers Program. Thanks to the high-end quality of the training, the knowledge and expertise of the technicians working within our region has increased and we will be starting next season with an improved approach.” Said Elie Semaan, SAMF’s Head of Technical Department. 

With the training taking place at the same time as the National championship finale, the trainees had the opportunity to put the information they had received into perspective in real-life scenarios.

“An initiative such as this safety training is a great way to exchange best practices and ensure everyone has the same knowledge of the safety regulations,” said Xavier Mestelan Pinon, FIA Chief Technical and Safety Officer. 

“Everyone in the room shared the same passion for motor sport, and thanks to seminars such as this one we can also be sure that scrutineers have the same understanding of safety regulations and how to interpret them.”

Mestelan Pinon also praised the initiative and recognised its importance. “As the governing body of world motor sport our role is also to ensure that that our knowledge and expertise are shared and available to our member clubs, so that the same procedures and practices that are in place in top-level championships are available for national and regional competitions,” he explained.

Inquiries regarding Drag Racing Scrutineers training can be addressed to Luca Midali, Sporting & Commission Coordinator, at