Rewarding Creative Excellence: RSI “Panos Mylonas” names winners of Digital Creativity competition

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The 6th Panhellenic Student Contest of Digital Creation for Road Safety recently concluded with an Awards Ceremony at the Book Castle of the National Library of Greece, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Hosted by the Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas" and the Department of Educational Radiotelevision & Digital Media, Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, and Sports, with support from the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies, the event celebrated the creativity and dedication of students nationwide.

In collaboration with their teachers, thousands of students from across Greece crafted original digital projects, including videos, short films, video spots, and digital applications, to promote awareness about road safety.

The students' creations skillfully combined original scripts, visuals, music, games, and digital media to convey compelling social messages in a creative and inventive manner.

Primary school students were asked to produce original digital projects about "Road Safety: Everywhere and Always", while senior school students were encouraged to produce videos, short films or web applications about "Road Safety: Shared Responsibility".

Winners included 17 schools recognised across categories such as Digital Creation, Video Spot, and Film. The full list is provided below.

Hosted by Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona, President of RSI "Panos Mylonas," and Dr. Sophia Papadimitriou, Head of the Department of Educational Radiotelevision and Digital Media, the event was attended by distinguished guests, including Mrs. Domna-Maria Michailidou, Deputy Minister of Education, Religious Affairs, and Sports, Mrs. Christina Alexopoulou, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, and Mr. Makarios Vasilios Lazaridis, President of the Special Permanent Committee on Road Safety of the Hellenic Parliament.

Participants, including students, educators, parents, and institutions, were commended for their contributions, with special thanks extended to the National Library of Greece and Deputy General Director, Mrs. Irene Pavlakou, for their warm hospitality.

The award-winning creations will be featured on the Educational Television zone in the Hellenic Parliament TV, and the event can be viewed on the RSI YouTube channel.

Full list of winners of the 6th Panhellenic Student Contest of Digital Creation for Road Safety:

Primary Education - Competition "Road Safety: ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE" 

Digital Creation Category

1st prize: 2nd Primary School of Messolonghi

2nd prize: 1st Primary School of Archanes

3rd prize: 1st Kindergarten of Serres & Kindergarten of Neos Souliou Serres 

Video Spot Category

1st prize: 5th Kindergarten of Loutraki 

2nd prize: Experimental Primary School of Samos

3rd prize: Kindergarten Andreadis Schools

Film Category

1st prize: 7th Primary School of Aspropyrgos 

2nd prize: 2nd Primary School of Agios Stefanos 

3rd prize: 1st Kindergarten of Evosmos 


Secondary Education- Competition "Road Safety: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY" 

Digital Application Category

1st prize: 7th Experimental High School of Trikala 

2nd prize: ENEEGYL Egaleo (Technical High School)

Video Spot Category

1st prize: Technical Lyceum of Alexandroupolis

2nd prize: 1st General Lyceum of Corinth 

3rd prize: DELASAL (private High School)

Film Category 

1st prize: 2nd General High School of Giannitsa 

2nd prize: Music School of Arta 

3rd prize: ENEGYL Koropi (Technical High School)