FIA and IOC align to bring mobility and sport to the Olympic stage

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The developing ties between the FIA and the International Olympic Committee have been further strengthened following a productive meeting on 10th April between their respective delegations at the IOC’s Lausanne headquarters.


FIA President Jean Todt, Secretary General for Sport Peter Bayer and Secretary General for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Andrew McKellar, met with IOC President Thomas Bach and Director General Christophe de Kepper.

The FIA is a member of ARISF (Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations), and adheres to the standards and values of Olympism.

On the Agenda for today’s meeting, a broad spectrum of initiatives for which the FIA is seeking IOC collaboration, chiefly its Smart Cities programme, addressing sustainable and inclusive growth against the backdrop of transformative urbanisation, and its road safety campaign #3500LIVES, which aims to stanch the escalating human, economic and social cost of road traffic accidents on a global basis.

The FIA and IOC also confirmed their intention to work in partnership on the Youth Olympic Games 2018, to be held in Buenos Aires in October. The Games will provide a powerful international stage for showcasing the FIA’s road safety campaign and introducing the excitement of Electric Karting to both the local community of Buenos Aires and a vast worldwide audience.

Further issues for discussion included the FIA’s commitment to policy development on Gender Equality, Anti-Doping and Betting.

FIA President Jean Todt commented: “We have established a very strong and important relationship between the FIA and the IOC, and it is extremely encouraging to see this gaining in momentum. We have an exciting joint programme of activity on the horizon, which will afford us an invaluable opportunity to deliver the message of our mobility and sport initiatives to a whole new audience.”

IOC President Thomas Bach added: “We enjoy a very close cooperation with the FIA, particularly because we are sharing a strong common sense of social responsibility.  The Olympic Movement can provide a powerful international stage for showcasing the FIA’s road safety campaign - and it is in all our interests to make sure athletes and everyone involved in sport whether they are training or on their way to competition can benefit from the FIA’s excellent campaign.”