Planning for growth and improved safety

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Today’s ASN forum put the focus on training, youth development and safety.

This morning’s ASN Forum presented delegates with a wide range of new programmes and information aimed at helping the development of motor sport worldwide. “I think the key message to come out of today is that the FIA has developed the Global Training Programme to help ASNs to build their internal structure and also to help them develop motor sport in a safe and socially responsible manner,” said ASN Task Force Chairman Andrew Papadopoulos. The Forum reported that in 2015 five programmes were delivered across the world for ASNs. As well as the Sport Conference in Mexico, four Sport Regional congresses were held, in the MENA and NEZ zones, as well as in the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions. More than 70 countries were represented with 136 delegate attending. Six FIA Sport Regional Congresses are planned for 2016.

Delegates also heard how, for 2016, the FIA Sport Grant Programme has allocated funding for 56 projects, including 19 in safety, 33 in motor sport development, two in ASN structure and management and two in social responsibility. Total funding provided for 2016 is estimated at
2.55 million euros. In new initiatives, ASNs learned about developments with the FIA Gran Turismo Online Championship, which according to Mr Papadopoulos could provide ASNs  with a good introduction to real motor sport for young people. “We have a lot of young kids involved in gaming and a lot of the introduction to motor sport comes through those games,” he said. “This is about carrying those kids through the games into real motor sport – through the licensing system, through the fact that they will learn there is an ASN in town and also the fact that the game will let them know the way forward in real categories.”
In rallying, ASNs were informed of the benefits, at national level, of the FIA’s recently established Rally Safety Task Force. The Task Force, comprising a set of rally safety experts from around the world, has been set up with the goals of encouraging ASNs to establish a set of regulations or guidelines best suited to their country; providing assistance in educating the public about rally safety assisting with the building of a culture of safety; assisting with liaison between governments and public services, and the provision of guidance in order to review each rally. The Task Force will be ready to respond to ASN requests from January 2016. “I’m very enthusiastic about growth in 2016,” said Papadopoulos. “This year we have delivered the programmes we set out to implement and the response has been fantastic, with ASNs are coming to us with more initiatives all the time. “In response to this, we are designing the modules we will deliver to meet clubs’ need. I really look forward to a great future for our ASNs and their relationship with the FIA.”