Funding programmes for Clubs


Funding programmes for Clubs

The FIA Grant Programme encourages Clubs to submit concrete and sustainable projects developing their activities in different areas.

In recent years, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile has strengthened cooperation with motoring and sporting member Clubs. Programmes subsequently introduced have positively impacted on Clubs and their activities, from raising service standards to the development of sustainable projects and enhanced services in the mobility sector, as well as in motorised sports.

Available to FIA members only, there are two funding sources:
- The FIA Development Fund, established by the FIA Mobility Secretariat. It helps Clubs achieve growth in membership and improvement in services.
- The FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, established in 2012 with an endowment from the FIA Foundation. It funds Club projects for promotion and progress in Road Safety around the world.



Founded in 2012, the Grant Programme awarded to date over 3 700 000 € in support of the Road Safety Projects all over the world. The FIA Road Safety Grant Programme received 426 applications from over 110 Clubs from 90 countries in all four FIA Regions. Over 180 innovative road safety initiatives have been started in over 60 countries: awareness campaigns, educational programs and trainings, vulnerable road users' protection, conferences, events and workshops, road infrastructure safety information and vehicle inspection programs.

In May 2011 the United Nations launched the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The project's goal is to save five million lives and reduce road-related injuries by 50 million worldwide over the next 10 years. To support this landmark project, the FIA created the Action for Road Safety Programme to support the UN programme through its global network of motoring and touring clubs and its involvement with motor sports. The FIA Foundation welcomed this initiative and agreed to fund the FIA Strategic Road Safety Programme with an endowment of 1 million EUR per annum.

The application process for 2015 closed on August 2014.

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The FIA Development Fund, with an annual budget of 200,000 EUR was established to strengthen the FIA Mobility Club network. Projects funded by the Development Fund are intended to support member Clubs in facing global challenges, fostering growth of their membership base and boosting development of services.

The Development Fund Board agreed to fund 9 projects in 2014 with grants totalling 192 300 EUR. 

The application process for 2015 closed on August 2014.

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