FIA University - 2013 & 2014 achievements

2014 achievements

The FIA University completed its second year of existence in 2014 with three new full courses delivered and participation in many other FIA events or elsewhere:

  • Third Edition of the Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) in May, with 18 participants adding to a total of 65 students from 41 clubs, 32 countries and the four FIA regions represented in the three editions.
  • Latin American Leaders Programme (LALP) Module I in October. This was the first adapted program for a Region (IV), fully delivered in Spanish. 19 delegates from seven Clubs attended, mostly general managers and part of their team, for a course intended to create the urgency of implementing action plans to improve the long term sustainability of their clubs. It was followed by a series of Modules II delivered directly at the clubs, with participants having attended module I and the rest of their managing team.
  • ACTA Learnership Programme: support to its organisation by Region I and the AASA, Johannesburg, Nov 2014.

The FIA University was present at the FIA Mobility Conference in Melbourne, at the FIA Mobility Share Fair promoting its activities.

Some 100 people from mobility or motor sport clubs around the world have become FIA University Alumni, and many more have taken part in at least one FIA University activity.

2013 achievements

In 2013, Thierry Willemarck continued to provide his mentorship, ESADE Business School has cooperated on a consultant basis and as a provider, and the FIA Foundation has also provided both financial support through the Strategic Capacity Building Programme and know-how on Road Safety teaching.

The FIA University changed its status from a project in development into a reality present in the FIA family daily life. Region II has consistently supported sending students from clubs within the region.

The FIA University ran three programmes in 2013:

  • Emerging Leaders Programme, Barcelona-Spain, 11-15 March (26 participants from the 4 FIA Regions)
  • Strategic Lobbying Programme, The Hague-The Netherlands, 8-10 September (17 participants)
  • Emerging Leaders Programme, Barcelona-Spain, 10-14 October (20 participants from the 4 FIA regions and both Mobility clubs and ASNs)

Additionally, the FIA University participated in the following events:

  • GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) Leadership Conference, San Francisco-USA January 25: Presentation on Corporate Universities and Their Role in Executive Education
  • Workshop on Strategy, Lima-Peru May, for FIA Region IV Managers
  • Foro Universidades Corporativas, Madrid-Spain, 5 June 
  • Presentation on new Corporate Universities
  • ASN development workshops
  • Stand promoting the FIA University and ELP & SL programs
  • Workshops: “Own the Client”/“Changing membership”/“The Car-what’s next?”
  • “Share fair: FIA University project status and participants feedback from ELP I”
  • FIA University Alumni get-together
  • FIA Sport Conference Week, Goodwood-UK, 25-28 June
  • FIA Mobility Conference Week, The Hague-The Netherlands, 10-13 September