FIA Extraordinary General Assemblies 2023

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- Members vote in favour of all agenda items, including approval of FIA’s accounts for 2022.
- The combined operating result improved significantly, from €-24.0 million to €-7.7 million.
- Automobile Association of the United Kingdom reaffiliated as an FIA Member Club.
- President Mohammed Ben Sulayem terms Cordoba session an “historic turning point”.

The Extraordinary General Assemblies of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (France and Switzerland) were held in Cordoba, Andalusia, today (22 June) at the completion of the FIA 2023 Conference, which took place under the theme of “Accelerating Change: Member-Driven, Knowledge-Led Transformation".

FIA Member Clubs took part in the voting process and approved several proposals, most notably the FIA’s annual audited accounts for 2022 and the reaffiliation of the Automobile Association of the United Kingdom as an FIA Member Club.

The FIA’s combined operating result improved from €-24.0 million in 2021 to €-7.7 million in 2022, underlining that the FIA regains control of its financial stability. The Extraordinary General Assemblies of the FIA France and of the FIA Switzerland have supported the adoption of the accounts with high approval rates. It was also the first time the accounts of both FIA entities were certified by one single auditor, further increasing transparency.

In other voting, the Automobile Association of the United Kingdom was reaffiliated as a Member of the FIA following a proposal by the FIA World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism for readmittance.

A proposal to amend the Statutes of the FIA to allow full Members who had resigned and wished to apply to become a member again and benefit from the status they had at the time they left received a majority vote.

The Extraordinary General Assemblies were led by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, alongside FIA Senate President Carmelo Sanz de Barros, FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Tim Shearman, FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid, and FIA Chief Executive Officer Natalie Robyn.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem said: “These Extraordinary General Assemblies mark an historic turning point in the history of our Federation. My team promised transparency in our Manifesto and we are delivering this today by examining and voting to close our annual accounts. Through the hard work of all of us, we are moving the FIA to a firm financial footing and I would like to thank our team for all of their efforts. Today I would also like to invite you to take the opportunity to welcome the Automobile Association of the United Kingdom back into the FIA family. As our Federation grows it becomes stronger.

The next meeting of the FIA General Assemblies will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 8 December 2023.