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FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2016

FIA European Rally Championship

With the first FIA European Rally Championship contested in 1953, the ERC is the oldest international rally series in the world. Events take place between January and November on asphalt, gravel, ice and snow with competitive distances ranging from 200 to 230 kilometres.

NACAM Rally Championship

The NACAM Rally Championship consists of the following countries: 

  • Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama.

 The total distance of the special stages is set at a distance between 100 km and 250 km, and the maximum length of each special stage is 36 km.

 The following titles are awarded in the Championship:

  • FIA NACAM Rally Championship for Drivers
  • FIA NACAM Rally Championship for Co-Drivers
  • FIA NACAM Rally Championship Nations Cup





European Rally Trophy

The European Rally Trophy (ERT), is made up of a total of eight regional competitions which follow broadly the same technical and sporting regulations as the European Rally Championship. Three categories are contested in each event – the main ERT class comprising of eligible R5 and S2000 machinery, ERT 2 for eligible Group N cars and ERT 3 for eligible 2WD Group R, Group A and Group N cars, plus Super 1600 and Group A kit cars. There is also an ERT Junior class for competitors born on or after 1 January 1989.