Asia-Pacific Rally Championship

In the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, the eligible cars should follow additional provisions:

- Group A cars with a corrected cylinder capacity of less than 2000cc must have had their homologation accepted by the FIA for the region.

- Group A and N cars whose homologation has expired up to a maximum of four years before the beginning of the current year are permitted to participate in the rallies of the Championship on the following conditions:





African Rally Championship

The African Rally Championship is divided in two regions: 

  • North region: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda
  • South region: Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar

The minimum number of rallies required for this Championship to take place is 4.

All Rallies should adhere to the following format, to run the event with scrutineering on either the Thursday or the Friday of the week:





Middle East Rally Championship

The FIA Middle East Rally Championship requires a minimum of 4 rallies.

The total distance of the special stages is set at a distance between 250 km and 300 km, and the maximum length of each special stage is 33 km.

Recommended and maximum duration of each rally is : 

Day 1 :

  • Issue Tracking devices and Leg 1 Roadbook

Day 2 :

  • Reconnaissance Leg 1
  • Issue Leg 2 Roadbook

Day 3 :