FIA launches recruitment drive for Medical Delegate roles

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The FIA has launched a recruitment drive to attract qualified medical practitioners for the position of Medical Delegate – one of the most prestigious roles in motor sport.

It is the first time in 20 years that the governing body of motor sport has mounted a public search to find suitable candidates to fill positions across the FIA’s portfolio of world championships and international events.

The Medical Delegate is responsible for ensuring that all medical and rescue aspects of championship events meet stringent FIA standards. FIA Medical Delegates are usually highly-qualified doctors with extensive experience in applicable medical fields as well as in motorsport at a variety of events.

The Medical Delegate oversees the implementation of equipment and resources at circuit or rally is the liaison with local hospitals and medical services. They also ensure that the extrication and rescue crews are adequately prepared and trained.

They are usually based in Race Control or Rally HQ along with the Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer and have direct contact with all members of the multidisciplinary event team. In the case of an accident, they liaise with the Clerk of the Course and the Race or Rally Director and assess how best to deploy the required resources.

There are currently seven Medical Delegates across FIA World Championships who travel to all FIA world championship events. The FIA is looking to recruit further Medical Delegates, on a consultancy basis, across the world to spread the knowledge of the role.

It is envisaged that the sharing of expertise will also help national and regional events. Furthermore, it is hoped that recruiting additional delegates will allow the FIA to appoint people to the position within the region of our world championship and World Cup events, thus decreasing the need for long distance travel and hence the environmental impact associated with the role.

Dr Paul Rea, the FIA’s Head of Medical and Rescue said “We hope the sharing of this expertise will help with the organisation of medical and rescue services for national and regional events through close collaboration of the Medical Delegates with our ASNs and membership.

“Furthermore, the recruitment of additional delegates will enable us to build a broader, more diverse pool of expertise, and decrease the environmental impact of travel associated with the role itself.”

View the FIA Medical Delegate job description here