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FIA Member Club the Asociación Hondureña de Automovilismo Deportivo (AHAD) and the Televicentro Foundation launched two educational campaigns: one entitled ‘Un Mismo Camino, Un Mismo Respeto’ (‘Same road, same respect’) to encourage all road users, in particular drivers and cyclists, to share the road in a safe and respectful way and the other one entitled ‘Todos tienen una meta por alcanzar, no interrumpas su camino!’ (‘Everyone has a goal to reach, don't interrupt their journey!’) to encourage road users to stay focused while on the road.

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Regardless of the means of transport chosen, thousands of people travel every day to reach their destinations. They all want and deserve to arrive healthy, safe and on time. Therefore, it is key that each of them understands the need to share the road with respect and to stay focused while on the road.

Broadcast on all national channels of Corporación Televicentro, the ‘Un Mismo Camino, Un Mismo Respeto’ campaign encourages drivers to maintain a safe distance with cyclists, slow down when they overtake them and pay attention to the cyclists’ signals. It is sponsored by Diunsa, which is the largest and most comprehensive retailer of products in Honduras for home, sports and families. You can watch the campaign video here:

The second campaign, ‘Todos tienen una meta por alcanzar, no interrumpas su camino!’, is being broadcast since 27 June on all channels of Corporación Televicentro, with the sponsorship of Ficohsa Seguros, an institution that has accompanied AHAD and Televicentro Foundation to fulfill their mission of Orientation - Education - Training since the beginning of the initiative.

This campaign is also supported by Fundación Teletón Honduras, the largest and most important solidarity organisation in the country that has been strongly supporting the disabled population since 1987, especially the victims of road crashes, providing them with quality physical rehabilitation, and promoting the culture of integration and participation within society.

honduras, road safety