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ETRC: Truck racing community united amid catastrophic floods in Germany

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Following the cancellation of the second round of this year’s FIA European Truck Racing Championship, the 35thrunning of the Nürburgring’s ADAC Truck Grand Prix, the truck racing community united to offer support to those affected by the catastrophic floods in western Germany.

The floods occurred in the Rhineland-Palatinate state, where the Nürburgring is located, in mid-July leading to the cancellation of the event on the Thursday ahead of the race weekend scheduled for July 17-18.

The ADAC Truck Grand Prix is organised by ADAC Mittelrhein, one of ADAC’s 18 regional clubs, which is also a shareholder in ETRA Promotion GmbH, since 2016 the promoter of the FIA ETRC.

The club, under the leadership of its Director of Sport, Axel Friedhoff, as well as the event’s Chief Safety Marshal, Michael Kaliszan, has been working relentlessly to support the collection centres and aid efforts in the areas that were affected the most.

FIA ETRC competitors were among the first ones to offer support. Immediately after the decision was taken to cancel the event, the teams taking part in the championship provided their food and supplies they had brought for the race weekend to emergency services.

Front-running outfits Team Schwabentruck and Team Hahn Racing headed to the local fire station in the town of Adenau and, using a portable kitchen which is part of their setup, provided food to emergency services and helpers. 

Championship regular Steffen Faas, representing Team Tankpool24 Racing, drove back to his hometown and with the support of local companies collected supplies and headed back to the Nürburgring area.

The promoter’s staff members helped to coordinate collections and distribution of supplies while the race control team joined local emergency task forces.

FIA ETRC’s official partner and the supplier of its pace truck, IVECO, provided heavy equipment to support rescue work and a bus to distribute supplies and helpers into the areas of need.

“It’s been incredible to see the level of support and how everyone has pulled together and helped where possible following the catastrophic floods,” said ETRA managing director Rolf Werner, whose home region has been hit by the floods.

“The area in and around the Nürburgring lives and breathes motor sport. It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation of the floods and how lives have been affected by the unprecedented weather. We will continue to help where we can," Werner concluded.

“In the wake of a tragedy of such magnitude any sporting event is secondary,” said Manuel Vidal, the President of the FIA Truck Racing Commission.

“At this very moment, our thoughts are with those who have lost their family, friends or those whose households have been damaged. At the same time, I’d like to express my support for the competitors, the organisers and everyone else involved in the Nürburgring event.”

With at least 177 deaths, this year’s floods are one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of Germany.