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Land Speed Record Archives

Welcome to the Archives for all FIA World Land Speed Records. These records show the fastest official speeds achieved by any wheeled vehicle on land as recognized by the FIA. These do not include motorcycles, for which records are maintained by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). These records are established over a variety of course lengths and elapsed times in accordance with FIA regulations which govern all land speed record attempts.


These Record listings and other associated materials reflect a large collection of paper materials maintained by the FIA at their facility in Valleiry, France, near Geneva, Switzerland. Over time, as time and funds are available, additional materials will be added to this online collection.


1 - Land Speed Record Regulations 1925-1980
2 - 1970 January Appendix D Revision


1 - History of Automobile World Records - Count SEHERR-THOSS - Oct 1987
2 - Record Attempt Reports published in AIACR Quaterly 1925-1935

Record Lists:

1 - List of Homologated World Land Speed Records 1924-1939 (including some Reports)
2 - General List of records in Automobile accomplished until April 15th 1939
3 - Records Lists (1928-1949)
4 - Records Lists (1950-1959)
5 - Various Records Lists -1927-1998

WLSR Registers:

1 - WLSR Register No 1 (missing)
2 - WLSR Register No 2
3 - WLSR Register No 3