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FIA Women in Motorsport


FIA Women in Motorsport

“The Women & Motor Sport Commission aims to create a sports culture which facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of motor sport.” Michèle Mouton, President of the Women & Motor Sport Commission

On the 11th of December 2009, at the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, the creation of a Women in Motorsport Commission was voted through under the presidency of Jean Todt.

Official presentation of Women in Motorsport: Click here to download

Why do women need such a commission ?

  • To show that they are recognised by the highest body in charge of motorsport – to show that the door is open to women in all aspects of motorsport, including among drivers, officials, positions in the federation etc.
  • To support and accompany current female drivers; to encourage the participation of new young drivers and officials; to promote the involvement of women at all levels of motorsport and to highlight where women are successful thus strengthening their participation.

Missions :

  • To create a sports culture which facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of motorsport.
  • To set in place strategies and policies to promote the education and training of women in motorsport.
  • To work with the FIA’s sporting and non-sporting commissions, ASNs and other key international Federations on joint sporting projects.
  • To implement actions and events to allow the sharing of experiences and reflect on how to strengthen the participation of women (as drivers, officials and managers) in motorsport.
  • To collaborate with other organisations on joint projects for women and sport.
  • To take an active role in international forums and conferences devoted to the place of women in sport, and in the advances that can be made.

Outlining the aims of the commission and its intention to foster girls' interest in karting, WMC president Michèle Mouton said: “The mission of the Women in Motorsport Commission is to encourage, support and promote more women in all aspects of the sport, and our objective for the next three years is to concentrate on competition. Karting is the grassroots of motor sport. Awarding a trophy to a promising young girl is a symbol of encouragement for more girls to persevere, not simply a reward for a purely feminine achievement; there is still a long way to reach the top in this highly competitive sport.”

Jean Todt, President of the FIA added: “The FIA’s membership around the world comprises men and women; each has an identical part to play in sport. Like many international federations, we will support, promote and help advance the participation of women in motor sport to ensure equal opportunities at all levels.”

For a list of members of the Women in Motorsport Commission (WMC) : Click here to download

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