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FIA Sport Grants Guidelines

The guidance below is intended to inform ASNs/ACNs concerning the areas in which funding will be available during the 2018 funding round, for activities to take place during 2019. The FIA advises ASNs/ACNs to discuss their planned applications with a member of the FIA Grants Team prior to making their application to ensure that their proposed activity falls within the FIA’s eligibility criteria. This guidance will be reviewed periodically.


For the 2018 funding round, grants will be available under four funding areas:

  • Safety
  • ASN Structure and Management
  • Motor Sport Development
  • Social Responsibility

Details of the types of activity that will be considered for funding under each of these programmes are provided on the following pages.

Only one (1) grant application is permitted per year by an individual ASN/ACN, however, an application may also be made by a group of ASNs/ACNs (cluster) who have identified a common need. 

Cluster applications

A cluster is defined as a small group of 3-5 ASNs/ACNs who are geographically close and have similar training needs. 

Content will be delivered by an FIA Regional Training Provider (RTP) and should be approved by the FIA.

If you have an idea for a cluster application, please discuss with a member of the FIA Grants Team as soon as possible in order that they can ensure it meets the necessary criteria.

Funding caps

All applications will be on a match funding basis.

For individual applications:

The maximum amount of funding that can normally be applied for under each programme area is as follows:

  • Safety: €50,000.
  • ASN Structure and Management: €50,000.
  • Motor Sport Development: €50,000.
  • Social Responsibility: €50,000.

For a cluster request (group of ASNs/ACNs):

The final grant amount will depend on the number of countries involved in the project.

While it is possible for an ASN/ACN to apply for funding as part of a cluster and on an individual basis, two funding applications from an ASN/ACN for the same type of activity will not be permitted.

The FIA reserves the right to nominate an FIA Expert to provide additional assistance to an ASN/ACN to execute a particular project where the FIA deems this to be necessary.



This programme area intends to ensure the safe conduct of motor sport events.

Examples of areas in which funding can be provided are:

  • Safety equipment (e.g. drivers, cars, officials, circuits).
  • Drivers and officials safety training.
  • Facilities (e.g. FIA safety requirements for homologation).

Where an ASN/ACN proposes to conduct safety training programmes for officials and young drivers for the first time or has limited experience in this area, they will be requested by the FIA to use an approved trainer (e.g. an FIA appointed trainer or an FIA Regional Training Provider).

For ASNs/ACNs who wish to apply for assistance from the newly-formed Rally Task Force, funding for this activity will also be available under the Safety Programme.



The aim of this programme is to provide funding to ASNs/ACNs that wish to improve and develop their internal organisational capabilities. For activities within this area of funding, the FIA may require the ASN/ACN to use an external expert to provide the necessary assistance.

Examples of areas in which funding can be provided are:

  • Sports Development Planning (e.g. strategic or business planning).
  • Governance Reform (e.g. improving existing governance structures).
  • Management Training (e.g. leadership, project management, events organisation).
  • Equipment Acquisition (e.g. purchase of hardware / software).

A number of these topics are covered by the training provided during the Sport Regional Congresses, so please discuss with the Grants Team before applying to avoid duplication.



This programme area is intended to provide funding to develop motor sport and in particular grassroots motor sport and to ensure motor sport activities are conducted in a viable way, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Officials (e.g. licensing project)
  • Drivers.
  • Facilities.
  • Grassroots Disciplines.

Activities considered suitable for funding may include, grassroots development programmes, training for young drivers, officials licensing projects, feasibility studies for new facilities projects, purchase of appropriate equipment, projects to improve motor sport events run by the ASN and driver licensing through the new FIA Online Championship.

Where an ASN/ACN proposes to establish development programmes for officials and young drivers (including training) for the first time or has limited experience in this area, they will be requested by the FIA to use an approved trainer (e.g. an FIA appointed trainer or an FIA Regional Training Provider).



This programme area is intended to fund ASN/ACN projects related to campaigns, advocacy and social responsibility programmes including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Health – including anti-doping.
  • Women in Motor Sport – to encourage greater participation of women in motor sport and to promote equal opportunities within the sport.
  • Environmental Sustainability – to encourage ASNs/ACNs to take responsibility for motor sport's environmental impact and manage this in a sustainable way.
  • Youth Participation – to encourage the participation of young people in motor sport, whether as officials, drivers or administrators.
  • Ethnic Diversity – to encourage participation from all ethnic backgrounds and to campaign against discrimination and prejudice in the sport.
  • Sport and Persons with Disabilities - promoting the use of sport to foster inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities.
  • Road Safety - developing initiatives which combine motor sport and education on road safety.

Note that funding for dedicated road safety programmes is available through the Mobility Grant Programme.



Funds are only awarded on a "match funding" basis; however contributions in kind may be permitted as match funds.

The World Bank Classification of income per capita ranking will be used and additional funding will be offered to ASNs/ACNs from middle- and low-income countries as follows.

ASNs/ACNs in high income countries will be expected to contribute 50% of the total activity cost.

For middle-income countries, the ASN/ACN contribution will be reduced to 30% of total activity cost and for low-income countries, ASNs/ACNs will only be required to contribute 20% of total activity cost.

For a cluster application, funding relief will be determined based on the average World Bank classification of the ASN/ACN countries involved.

Please note that ASNs/ACNs that consider that their economic situation is not reflected accurately by their ranking in the World Bank Classification can apply to the FIA to have their ASN’s/ACN's financial status reconsidered.