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Williams search for ‘magic button’

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Williams come to their home grand prix with an update package and ambition to improve – but at the same time their drivers are looking at the sky.
Senna, Williams - Silverstone


While the update has been described as including some big changes Bruno Senna, speaking in the FIA press conference, chose to describe it as “bits and pieces.”

“I feel really happy that we’re bring updates because everybody else is also moving forward,” said Senna. “We have a few bits and pieces; we have wings and pieces of the bodywork that will be different, so it’s always hard to quantify how much that will improve the car, but every little helps as we’ve seen in Barcelona when Pastor won. There was a bit of an update there. So, for sure, it’s going to be the case of trying to maximise the package but the weather is very changeable here and that can mean everything or it can mean nothing.”

Senna argued that racing at his team’s home grand prix will not have any effect, and that the fierce competitiveness that exists on the F1 grid at the moment makes it very difficult to predict any outcomes. “Listening to everybody here, everybody is very optimistic about their chances on this track because everybody seems to think that their cars should be well suited to this type of track so I guess we’re going to see another tough weekend with very close battles,” he said.

“Of course we’re happy with [our car]. It’s difficult for a team to make such a leap from a difficult season [last year] as Williams has done. So it’s very encouraging for us to have a car that is consistently in the points. On the other hand we always want more. We always want the car to be faster and faster, so we keep pushing the team and the team keeps pushing us to improve. We are always trying to find the magic button to make the car go faster.”