Accelerating Angola's Grassroots Karting Development: FIA's Path to Motorsport Growth

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Embedded within the broader framework of the FIA Sport Club Development Strategy, which aims to empower and strengthen FIA Sport Clubs worldwide, the Angola’s Karting Development Programme is a testament to the dedication of the community to foster young talent and promote the sport at its grassroots level.

Despite challenges posed by limited infrastructure, the Angola's grassroots karting development program is gaining momentum at the Santos Peras Circuit in Benguela, contributing to the National Championship organised by the EK3R karting school.

Participants from diverse regions, including Luanda, Benguela, Lubango, and Huambo, are actively engagedin the program.

With over 30 participants, predominantly children, the races feature competitors from various classes, including Cadets, Micro, Junior, Junior Max, DD2, and KZ.

The 3R Karting School, one of Angola's two academies nurturing young drivers, recently showcased its talent with 12 graduates of the EK3R school participating in the races. 

Notably, Sofia Carvalho, aged just 4, exemplifies the program's inclusivity and talent development efforts, emerging as one of the youngest drivers to showcase her skills.

Supported by the FIA Africa Development Taskforce and the broader FIA Club Development Strategy, this grassroots initiative serves as a blueprint for replicable models in other provinces, aiming to establish sustainable karting academies across Angola. 

Launched in June 2023, the FIA Sport Club Development Programme aims to strengthen the growth and sustainability of motorsport across its 147 Sport Clubs worldwide, offering them a clear roadmap for development. Tailoring strategies to meet the specific needs of each country, the program embraces fundamental principles: understanding local culture, implementing needs-driven approaches, and utilising academic and evidence-based methods. 

Under the collaborative action plan with the Angola Motor Sports Federation (FADM), similar projects have been initiated in Nigeria and Ethiopia, reflecting a concerted effort to promote grassroots motor sport and engage young enthusiasts.

As the program continues to evolve, the implementation of short and medium-term plans by ASN member clubs is vital to sustaining this upward trajectory, ensuring the enduring growth and accessibility of motor sport in Angola and beyond.

Photos by CHIUKU Angola