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Launched in December 2020, VIAFIA – an online platform making accessible the most accurate and relevant information necessary for cross-border travel purposes and tourism – has changed the way the FIA is supporting its Members in delivering efficient international tourism services. Its new version, VIAFIA 2.0, has just gone live and will offer an even smoother user experience.

Accessible to all FIA Mobility Members upon subscription, VIAFIA 2.0 is the result of continuous website development and improvement work based on the feedback received by the users of the first version of the platform. 

Before being launched, VIAFIA 2.0 was also tested by working groups to make sure the new functionalities would effectively improve the platform that serves as an essential modern tourism information sharing tool giving Clubs access to market data.

The main changes made between VIAFIA and VIAFIA 2.0 include: a change of user role-clarity; a new personalised dashboard for all users featuring, among other things, an overview of the status changes of topic updates; “sticky” documents; topic voting; and country page information. 

Clearer User Roles

Version 2.0 provides more clarity on the Mobility Clubs user roles: 

  • A “viewer” is able to view any country page information, add a comment to the section and even vote on the quality of the topic. However, a Club viewer has no editing rights to any of the topics within their country (or any other) but is still able to post questions to the Problem-Solving Network (PSN) and upload/download documents to/from VIAFIA. 
  • A “topic expert” carries all the same rights as a user; however, a topic expert can edit any material within their country site. The edits can either be published immediately or submitted for approval before publication. 
  • The “Club administrator” has final approval over any submitted information on the topics. For example, if a topic expert submits information and the Club administrator deems the information incorrect, the Club administrator can delete the content or alter the text. The topic expert cannot do this for Club administrator posted information. 

The statuses of users are defined depending on what the Mobility Club wishes: all users can be viewers just as all users can be Club administrators.  The onboarding process has also been streamlined since the launch of the platform. Any VIAFIA onboarding request sent can now be completed on the Monday following the request.

New Personalised Dashboard and Easier Overview of Topic Updates

The new personalised dashboard allows users to see topics within their country that have been updated most recently, the most selected topics within their country, and topics that need to be accepted/approved, rejected or edited depending on their user role. The personalised dashboard also allows to see the rating of topics by other users. 

New Features to Upgrade User Experience

To make sure users do not miss on important updates and useful additions to the online platform, VIAFIA 2.0 features a new function by which every new essential document that has been posted is put forward thanks to a “sticky” note appearing at the top of the shared folder. 

A system of online voting also allows users to vote for the topic that is the most relevant for them. 

To improve user experience, the topic update record stamp has also been updated. Now users can see the date and time of day when each topic was most recently uploaded. 

Synthetic Country Page Information

The VIAFIA 2.0’s country page information displays summarised data for each country. For example, Carnets de Passages en Douane (CPD) and International Driving Permit (IDP) information as well as emergency numbers are now displayed at the top upon selecting the country. Emergency numbers include ambulance, fire, and police. Any user can view this information on the country page and see which topics have been voted most favorably and the most popular topics viewed.