Formula Regional & Formula 4 Weekend Recap

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Find out what happened last weekend for the final rounds of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine and Italian Formula 4.

Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine

It is Hadrien David (R-ace GP) who takes the win in Race 1 in Monza, starting from pole position, but having to battle all along as the toe makes it really tough to keep the lead in the Temple of Speed. Behind the French driver his teammates, Isack Hadjar, who mathematically wins the Rookie Trophy, with Gabriele Minì retiring the car due to damage deriving from contact with another driver, and Zane Maloney, third. The two R-ace GP drivers have disputed a great race gaining four positions each.

Positions in the lead have changed multiple times, with Franco Colapinto (MP Motorsport) overtaking Grégoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix) at the start, but then losing the position and ending up eighth. With the R-ace GP drivers having the best pace on track, also Saucy finally has to surrender and accept the fourth final position. Great job by Dino Beganovic (Prema Powerteam), who moves up six positions from the start, and an even better job by his teammate David Vidales, who starts 14th and ends up sixth. Also, Ralf Aron (Prema Powerteam) does a good job from 12th to seventh, but indeed loses many points on David for the second position in the championship. Colapinto only manages to keep a good pace for half of the race, but finally loses positions and ends eighth, and the same pace issue hits Gabriel Bortoleto (FA Racing), who does not manage to keep the good performance of qualifying and ends only ninth. Tenth is Michale Belov (G4 Racing), who does though not seem to find the traditional speed in Monza.

At Monza circuit the prize-giving ceremony has officially declared the 2021 Titles of the first season of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, co-organized by ACI Sport and Alpine and certified by FIA.

After the Title won by the Swiss Grégoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix) 3 races in advance to the end of the season, Monza, the last round of the year and the first set for 2022 calendar, has offered amazing races with overtakes, and extraordinary battles for the win.

After the first Race, won by Hadrien David (R-ace GP), conquering the Vice-Champion Title (209 points vs 277 of Saucy), his teammate Isack Hadjar, this year appointed Red Bull Junior Team driver, has conquered the Rookie Title (166 points), with Gabriele Minì (ART Grand Prix) retiring in the race and finally Vice-Champion of the Rookies (122 points). With the third position in Race 2 Paul Aron (Prema Powerteam) confirmed his final third place in the standings.

The final race of the year has also assigned the last trophy, the team title between R-ace GP, ART Grand Prix and Prema Powerteam. Finally, R-ace GP conquers the 2021 Title of the series with 481 points, in front of ART Grand Prix (422 points) and Prema Powerteam (346 points).

Italian Formula 4


Race 1: Bearman's ninth in Monza

In the first race of the last round, the 2021 Champion fights and wins ahead of Kimi Antonelli and Joshua Durksen.

There could not have been a better start to the last round of the Italian F.4 Championship powered by Abarth certified by FIA at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. In the first race at the Temple of Speed, Lorenzo Patrese lead for a good part of the race, fighting with Bearman and Tramnitz, but the AKM Motorsport rookie is forced to retire a few laps from the end, after a slight contact with Bearman that makes him fall down the order and after a subsequent contact with Francesco Simonazzi which puts an end to the races of both. First time on the outright podium for Andrea Kimi Antonelli (Prema Powerteam) who fights throughout the race and manages to keep an aggressive Joshua Durksen behind him. Fourth position for Tim Tramnitz, who was also fighting for the victory until the end of the race. Behind the German a Prema trio with Sebastian Montoya fifth, Kirill Smal sixth and Conrad Laursen seventh and the second rookie. Piotr Wisnicki, Leonardo Fornaroli and Hamda Al Qubaisi complete the top 10.

The first race in Monza starts with Bearman passing Patrese in the 'Prima Variante', while Durksen crashes with Erick Zuniga, putting the races of both at risk. During the second lap, Lorenzo Patrese regains the lead against the 2021 Champion with a precise overtaking at the 'Variante della Roggia'. Tim Tramnitz also passes the Brit, driving for Van Amersfoort Racing, with Andrea Kimi Antonelli who manages to move into third position, only to be overtaken by Bearman. The Safety Car was then deployed on track after contact between Levente Revesz and Robert De Haan, who was making his debut in the series. At the restart Patrese immediately makes a great getaway, but a multiple contact forces the Safety Car to enter the track again. At the second restart it is a three-way fight between Patrese, Bearman and Tramnitz with the AKM Motorsport driver ending wide after contact. Joshua Durksen took advantage of this and took the lead in front of Bearman and Antonelli, but on the last lap Bearman managed to make the move for the lead. Antonelli also passes the Mueke Motorsport driver and finishes in second place.

Race 2: 10 out of 10 for Bearman

In the rain, the 2021 Italian Champion wins for the tenth time, ahead of Sebastian Montoya and Andrea Kimi Antonelli

Ollie Bearman again. The Brit driving for Van Amersfoort Racing underlined his superiority on the fast track and even in the wet, he utilised his experience by winning his tenth race of the season. On the podium, together with the 2021 champion, was Sebastian Montoya and Andrea Kimi Antonelli. The Bolognese Prema driver demonstrated that he is already able to mix it with the outright contenders with a top class race but after having been in the lead for most of it, he is unable to get the better of the experience of the Brit and also his teammate Montoya. Fourth place for Joshua Durksen (Muecke Motorsport) ahead of Kirill Smal, Tim Tramnitz and Lorenzo Patrese who after starting from pole position, made a small mistake which compromises an otherwise excellent performance. To round out the top 10 Maceo Capieto (Prema Powerteam) who was also on the rookie podium and then Conrad Laursen (Prema Powerteam) who tomorrow will fight for the title of Rookie champion with Nikita Bedrin and also Joshua Dufek (Van Amersfoort Racing).

The second and penultimate race of the 2021 season started behind the safety car on a very wet track. After three laps, Lorenzo Patrese lead the field away at the green and maintains the lead ahead of Fornaroli and Montoya who enter the battle as well. Patrese had a wild moment at the Variante Ascari losing the race lead and Fornaroli who also hesitated in avoidance which allowed Montoya to take the lead in front of Andrea Kimi Antonelli. Into the Parabolica Tramnitz and Fornaroli both spin after a mistake by the Iron Lynx driver from Piacenza which benefits Oliver Bearman, now in third. During the fifth lap comes the attack for the lead from Andrea Kimi Antonelli who takes advantage of an error coming from Montoya exiting the Parabolica. Also in the first chicane contact between Robert De Haan and Erick Zuniga forces Francesco Braschi to run wide to avoid impact. Leonardo Fornaroli's race ends in the gravel at the exit of the Ascari chicane. Meanwhile the fire extinguisher unexpectedly goes off in Fornaroli’s car, blocking visibility for the Italian who loses control and is out. Meanwhile Kimi Antonelli increases his lead over Ollie Bearman, who has to watch his back with Sebastian Montoya and Kirill Smal right behind. But with 5 minutes from the end Samir Ben ends up in a spin with his car that remains stranded on the ripple strips and the safety car is deployed once again. At the restart Bearman relies on his experience and passes Antonelli as Montoya also slips by. Bearman builds up enough of a margin while Antonelli has to defend third place from the attack of Durksen. At the checkered flag the English Van Amersfoort takes his tenth win of the season ahead of Sebastian Montoya and Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

Race 3: Monza is Bearman's Domain. Bedrin is the Rookie Champion

The 2021 champion also wins race 3 taking his tally to 11 victories. Bedrin does not exactly shine, but still wins the rookie title, while Van Amersfoort wins the team championship.

A season full of records for Oliver Bearman. Also in the third race of Monza the 2021 Italian Champion makes his mark and takes his second hat-trick of the season after doing so also at Vallelunga. The eleventh victory in the championship once again underlines the superiority of the British driver and of the entire Van Amersfoort Racing team which also wins the team title and the Rookies Championship with Nikita Bedrin who, despite a complicated weekend, takes advantage of the Laursen's mistake in race 3 and therefore is the Rookie Champion. The podium of the last race of the season, which is also the last one for the Tatuus F4 T014, is completed by Kirill Smal and Andrea Kimi Antonelli, who stands on the podium three times at Monza. Fourth place for Lorenzo Patrese, who is second among the rookies behind Antonelli and able to keep Tim Tramnitz at bay who is fifth at the chequered flag.

At the start of race 3 Leonardo Bizzotto stalled on the grid, while Leonardo Fornaroli does not take the start due to an injured wrist after finishing in the gravel in Race 2. Patrese sprints away into the lead in front of Antonelli, while Tramnitz loses a couple of positions. Patrese makes a mistake in Parabolica and loses the lead with Bearman taking the lead in front of Smal, Antonelli and Patrese forced to keep Tim Tramnitz and Conrad Laursen behind him. Erick Zuniga is then stranded on the curb and forces the safety car to be deployed. Behind the safety car, Sebastian Montoya trying to keep his tyres warm overdoes it and spins, hitting the guardrail of the Biassono curve. At the restart Bearman sets the pace slowing significantly before getting the jump and extending his lead over Kirill Smal and Lorenzo Patrese who is passed by Antonelli. Contact between Nikita Bedrin and Piotr Wisnicki causes the Russian Van Amersfoort driver to lose ground who was already in difficulty on the fast Brianza circuit, and seemingly says goodbye to the rookie title which is firmly in the hands of Conrad Laursen. The safety car was once again deployed due to debris on the track after Francesco Simonazzi's left rear disintegrated. Bence Valint is forced to pit, while Smair Ben spins in the Parabolica. At the restart, Bearman once again reduces his speed a lot before accelerating again. But the twist in the tale for the rookie title comes with the mistake of Conrad Laursen who spins losing his points finish giving the Rookie victory Russian of Van Amersfoort Racing driver who completes the VAR team’s hat-trick with Bearman's overall victory, team victory and triumph in the rookies class.