Jean Todt inaugurates the FIA Stand at the Paris Motor Show | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

Jean Todt inaugurates the FIA Stand at the Paris Motor Show

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Having made its first ever appearance at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) is now back at the Paris Motor Show for the third time. 

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The FIA stand 252, which is located in Pavillon 1, allée B, was opened this morning, on the first press day, by President Jean Todt.

It showcases the two pillars of FIA activity, namely mobility and sport, and visitors will be able to experience the wide-ranging activities of the Federation first hand through a special 3D virtual presentation on the stand.

One of the eye catching features of the stand is the Spark-Renault SRT01-E, the single-seater used by all teams that took part in the first season of the FIA Formula E Championship. In fact, its chassis still forms the basis of cars competing in the third season, and the car on display features the all-new aerodynamic package including the striking front wing design. The third season is about to get underway on 9 October in Hong Kong. On the Formula 1 front, visitors can find the new specification tyres that Pirelli will supply to all teams from next season onwards shown directly alongside those currently in use, underlining their different dimensions. Next year’s wider designs are expected to produce a significant increase in performance.

There are also two simulators on the stand for the public to try: a racing setup featuring a pre-release build of the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport title, and an Action for Road Safety Challenge inviting visitors to test their reflexes at the wheel.

The evolution of safety for racing drivers is represented by a display of helmets, featuring examples from the Fifties right up to those homologated by the Federation today. From each Friday to Sunday during the period when the show is open to the public (1-16 October) there will also be a demonstration of the driver extrication test, using a real Formula 1 car. Taking part will be a team of marshals, under instruction from an FIA medical team.

A large area of the stand is used to present information on the road safety campaigns promoted globally by the FIA. One display in particular illustrates the activities of the FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety, an initiative launched last November with the support of the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. It aims to engage both the public and the private sectors to raise funding and political awareness in response to the road safety crisis, and to remobilise support for the goals of the Decade of Action and for the new Sustainable Development Goals, which were approved at the UN General Assembly, and through which governments committed to halving road traffic fatalities by 2020.

Show-goers will be made aware of the FIA 10 Golden Rules for Safer Motoring and will be able to print their own unique Golden Rules photo using a special booth. In addition, there will be detailed information on Child Restraint systems and on campaigns to promote best practice in this very important aspect of vehicle passenger safety, an activity also promoted by the ACA (Automobile Club Association) in its own area. Here, too, you can find the My Car My Data initiative, a study produced by FIA Region 1 in 12 European countries, touching on the relationship between motorists and the connected car.