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Decisions of the World Motor Sport Council

Press Release

A meeting of the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) took place today, 28 September, in Paris and the following decisions were taken.



The FIA President confirmed that positive and constructive discussions continue with regard to the new Concorde Agreement and it is anticipated a contract will be signed by the end of October.


Following a fax vote by the Technical Working Group, the 2013 Sporting and Technical Regulations were approved by the WMSC.
The 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:



17/03 AUS  Grand Prix of Australia
24/03 MYS Grand Prix of Malaysia
14/04 CHN Grand Prix of China
21/04 BHR Grand Prix of Bahrain
12/05 ESP Grand Prix of Spain (Barcelona)
26/05 MCO Grand Prix of Monaco
09/06 CAN Grand Prix of Canada
16/06 USA Grand Prix of Jersey (New York) * 
30/06 GBR Grand Prix of Great Britain
14/07 DEU Grand Prix of Germany
28/07 HUN Grand Prix of Hungary
25/08 BEL Grand Prix of Belgium
08/09 ITA Grand Prix of Italy
22/09 SGP Grand Prix of Singapore
06/10 KOR Grand Prix of Korea
13/10 JPN Grand Prix of Japan
27/10 IND Grand Prix of India
03/11 ARE Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
17/11 USA Grand Prix of USA (Austin)
24/11 BRA Grand Prix of Brazil


The WMSC approved for the FIA to proceed with an agreement with The Sportsman Media Group and Red Bull Media House to become the new global Promoter of the FIA World Rally Championship from 2013. The Promoter will be responsible for investing and developing the WRC with a view to increasing its profile, reputation and commercial value. In particular, the Promoter, working in close collaboration with the FIA, will be focused on introducing live television and an innovative digital media strategy in the next years.


As part of a cost-reduction process and to attract greater entries, WRC Teams competing in the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship will now only have to contest one non-European event. WRC Teams must however still nominate and take part in a minimum of seven events.


The structure of the support Championships has been revised to reflect the interests and demands of the competitors. From 2013, the current Championship for S2000 cars will be replaced by the WRC-2 Championship including cars with four-wheel drive (R5, R4 and S2000). A specific cup for cars in the Group N category will also form part of the FIA WRC-2 Championship, and titles for teams, drivers and co-drivers will be awarded to those who have scored the most points in six of the seven events in which they have taken part.


The current Production Car World Rally Championship will be replaced by the FIA WRC-3 Championship, including Group R cars with two-wheel drive (R3, R2 and R1). Titles for teams, drivers and co-drivers will be awarded to those who have scored the most points in five of the six events in which they have taken part.


The current FIA WRC Academy will be re-named the FIA Junior WRC Championship.


For safety reasons and therefore with immediate effect, each crew that is entered with a WRC car is permitted to use a route note car on asphalt events.


To limit costs and encourage participation, from 2013 the use of the latest evolution of parts homologated by manufacturers will not be mandatory for WRC cars entered by drivers not scoring points in the Manufacturers’ Championship. This also applies to all cars in the S2000 category with a 1.6L turbo engine.


The 2013 FIA World Rally Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:



20/01 MCO Rallye Monte Carlo
10/02 SWE Rally Sweden
10/03 MEX Rally Mexico
14/04 PRT Rallye de Portugal
05/05 ARG Rally Argentina
02/06 GRE Acropolis Rally
23/06 ITA Rally d'Italia
04/08 FIN Rally Finland
TBC DEU Rallye Deutschland
15/09 AUS Rally Australia
06/10 FRA Rallye de France
27/10 ESP Rally de España
17/11 GBR Rally of Great Britain



Note: The finish date given is the Sunday of the rally weekend. Itineraries are however subject to final confirmation by event organisers.
As part of the FIA’s commitment to strengthen the regional rally championships and implement a global strategy for the sport, the WMSC approved the principle of the appointment of Eurosport Events Limited as the Promoter of the FIA European Rally Championship from 2013 for a period of 10 years. Eurosport Events’ commitment will ensure the series is televised and promoted in all mediums.

To encourage more competitors to participate, cars with national homologations will be permitted to take part in FIA African, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, NACAM and CODASUR Championship events. To address safety requirements, National Technical Regulations will be linked to the FIA’s Appendix J and the FIA Technical Department will be responsible for performance equity.


The homologation period for certain cars has been extended to 31 December 2016, subject to safety requirements, and the WMSC has confirmed that Group T3 cars are permitted to participate in the Middle East Rally Championship, with the exception of the rally in Lebanon, the only asphalt rally in the series.


In the interests of safety, the specification of 18” Tarmac tyres used in regional rallies and in international rally series will be modified. From 2013, these tyres, which are closer in specification to road tyres and the same as those used in the FIA World Rally Championship, will have one tread pattern and will provide reduced grip in corners, allowing cars to slide more progressively.



From 2013, the five drivers who set the fastest times in the Super Special Stage will be permitted to choose their starting position in their order of classification.


To aid better communication and collaboration between the FIA and FIM, any incident relating to a car and motorcycle on an event involving the two disciplines will be reported to both panels of Stewards.

The 2013 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies calendar is confirmed as follows:



14-17/03 ITA Italian Baja
05-11/04 ARE Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
28/04-04/05 QAT Sealine Cross-Country Rally
19-21/07 ESP Baja España Aragon
TBC HUN Hungarian Baja
29/08-01/09 POL Poland Baja
29/09-05/10 EGY Pharaons Rally
01-02/11 PRT 27th Baja Portalegre 500



In the interests of cost control, it was agreed that the Endurance Committee may adjust the balance of performance of the different LMP2 cars, in particular with reference to engine power, weight and fuel tank capacity.

The WMSC also agreed that a maximum price of the evolution permitted per year be stipulated for LMP2 cars and that new chassis developed for LMP2 may be designed under 2014 LMP1 regulations, providing a cost saving to manufacturers producing LMP1 and LMP2 cars.


Diesel engines will be permitted from 2013, extending the number of engines that may be homologated. An equivalence will be defined between petrol and diesel engines to ensure equality.


Two new World Cups will be introduced in 2013; FIA World Cup for GT Drivers and FIA World Cup for GT Manufacturers. New Teams and Drivers Trophies will also be awarded.


The 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:



14/04 GBR 6 Hours of Silverstone
04/05 BEL 6 Hours of Spa
22-23/06 FRA 24 Heures du Mans
24/08 BRA 6 Hours of Sao Paulo
22/09 USA 6 Hours of Austin*
20/10 JPN 6 Hours of Fuji
10/11 CHN 6 Hours of Shanghai**
30/11 BHR 6 Hours of Bahrain



* Subject to ASN’s confirmation
** Subject to the circuit homologation
Note: The official test will be held in Le Mans on 9 June
The 2013 FIA World Touring Car Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:


10/03 ESP TBA*
24/03 ITA Monza*
07/04 TBA TBA*
28/04 SVK Slovakiaring*
05/05 HUN Hungaroring
19/05 AUT Salzburgring
09/06 RUS Moscow Raceway*
30/06 PRT Porto*
21/07 BRA Curitiba*
15/09 USA Sonoma*
13/10 CHN Shangai*
27/10 JPN Suzuka
17/11 MAC Macau*



Spare dates: 04/08, 25/08
* Subject to ASN’s confirmation

A full review of the current Sporting Regulations has been conducted with the aim of creating a more attractive Championship for the 2013 season. Engine regulations have also been revised in order to provide for a reduction in development freedom and thereby control costs. The Championship will be open to cars complying with the full Formula 3 Technical Regulations. Following FIA approval, each competitor will be allowed to enter an unlimited number of cars, as well as additional cars at single events. The race format, including practice, qualifying and the races themselves, has amended sessions and there will be titles for drivers and teams, both using the Formula One points system. The FIA European Formula 3 Championship events will be organised, in the main, as support rounds of major Championships, giving young drivers the opportunity to increase their skills on Grand Prix and other prestigious circuits. The calendar will be announced in October.


With immediate effect, organisers of FIA International Hill-Climb Challenge and FIA European Hill-Climb Cup events, and/or candidate events, will be required to adhere to revised registration and pre-inspection procedures. The intention is to improve the selection of events, strengthen the regulatory framework, raise awareness of safety standards through training and communication, and further co-ordinate and control the safety of spectators at an event.

In particular, Safety Delegates will be appointed for all 2013 FIA Championship, Challenge and Cup events, and an FIA Seminar focusing on safety will be scheduled for the first quarter of the year. In the meantime, the establishment of the 2013 calendars has been deferred until December while a full audit of existing and candidate events is carried out.


From 2014, the maximum number of events in the FIA European Hill-Climb Championship will be set at 12, with only one event designated per country.



The WMSC agreed that IMG, one of the leaders in the sports marketing industry, become the Promoter of the Championship for a minimum of 10 years from 2013.  Working in conjunction with the Off-Road Commission, IMG is focused on making the competition more attractive for the drivers and spectators, and adapting the format of events to television.



In recognition of the growing importance of speed events in Categories VII and VIII, the WMSC agreed to the late inclusion of an additional event at the Nűrburgring on 27 October 2012.
From 2013, a minimum number of competitors entered in speed events for Category VII and VIII will be established, after which points may be scored in the FIA Alternative Energies Cup. In addition, for an FIA award to be presented there will be a minimum number of events for all categories except Category 1.



A new system of points will be introduced to allow each competitor entered in the Championship to score points for the Teams’ title with its two best-classified trucks in each event.


The 2013 FIA ETRC calendar will be confirmed at the December WMSC meeting. There will however be 12 events with 10 counting towards the title.



The 2014 FIA Formula E Championship Technical Regulations have been further defined with regard to aerodynamic devices, adaptation of the cars to city races and safety requirements. These regulations will allow an open Championship for any manufacturer and the FIA will publish the requirements for any candidate manufacturers wishing to enter the series in 2014. The WMSC was also pleased to note that a number of cities have expressed a strong interest to be actively part of the Championship.



From 2013, countries may organise a maximum of three events counting towards the Championship. Competitors must take part in at least one event per participating country on the calendar to be eligible to win the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. In this way, the number of events per season remains the same but more events will be eligible.

From 2013, there will be no points awarded for establishing the Low E.T record of the event. To provide a better sporting challenge, instead points will be awarded after each qualifying session to the top three qualifiers in that session, with three points awarded to the quickest E.T, two points to the second quickest and one point to the third quickest.



From 2013, when a race is interrupted before the second lap there will be a restart using the original grid, and the length of the new race will be the full scheduled distance.


Three CIK-FIA World Championship titles, held over one single event, will be awarded from 2013 for the KF, KZ and Junior categories. A number of other amendments have been made to the Trophies and Cups awarded in other categories and can be found in the 2013 regulations.
It is clarified that VII Solar powered cars are those powered by direct conversion of solar energy only, with no on-board storage of solar energy. Similarly, it is confirmed that Group XI Hybrid engines are those with two different power sources. The second power source must rely on a self-rechargeable energy. Each power source must be independently able to propel the vehicle via its wheels without the help of the other power source and for at least 1km/30kph (0.621m/18.64 mph) for records up to and including 10 miles, and 10km/30kph (6.21m/18.64 mph) for records in excess of 10 miles.