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AIT&FIA Customs Council & Network


AIT&FIA Customs Council & Network

The system of Carnets de Passages en Douane (CPD), while not focussed on global tourism, is a system that in certain parts of the world facilitates the temporary importation of a road motor vehicle into a given country. It also provides an international guarantee that customs duties and taxes will be paid if a customs claim arises following the failure to re-export that same vehicle out of the country in question.

The AIT&FIA Customs Council and the AIT&FIA Customs Network were created in 2012 to govern sales and issuing of CPDs, in cooperation with the FIA Mobility Administration in Paris.

FIA Mobility has worked closely with Clubs involved in the CPD programme to revitalise, modernise, and sustain the system, as well as to implement a fair and just incentive scheme for guaranteeing and issuing Clubs alike. Recent changes to the system have meant better overall management of the system and have offered the most prominent players in the programme, AIT and FIA Clubs in the Middle East, a more involved, indeed proactive, role in the decision-making process concerning these important customs documents.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) are the two international non-governmental organisations that administer the use of CPDs worldwide, in strict accordance with the terms of the United Nations vehicles conventions of 1954 and 1956. This close cooperation with the United Nations in the field of customs and border-crossing facilitation helps us ensure and enhance freedom of mobility.



AIT&FIA Customs Council

Chairman: Riyadh Almalik, SATA - Saudi Arabia
Vice-Chairman: Mohamed Abd-El Aziz Askar, ATCE - Egypt
Member: Umit Yürek, TTOK - Turkey
Member: Adel Sarris, ATC UAE - United Arab Emirates
Member: Essa Hamzah Alfailakawi, KATC - Kuwait
Member: Hani Shaban,ACS - Syria
Member: Björn Nordlund, M - Sweden
Member: Nitin Dossa, FIAA - India
Member: Enzo Spano, TACV - Venezuela
Member: Ortrud Birk, FIA - France
Member: Agustí Milà, FIA - France