Consisting of the major elected individuals in the federation, the FIA Committee presides over all decisions put to the General Assembly

The FIA Committee is made up of all the major elected post holders within the FIA’s structure, including the President of the Senate, the members of the World Motor Sport Council and the members of the World Council for Automobile, Mobility, and Tourism.

In theory, it is the central governmental body of the FIA, in charge of all decisions put to the General Assembly. In practice, however, much of the Committee’s work focuses on common subjects where neither World Council has a clear remit.

A major part of the Committee’s work involves membership of the FIA, gathering opinions from the World Councils before proposing to the General Assembly, taking decisions on proposed new members, as well as ruling on all membership questions. The Committee also proposes to the General Assembly candidates for honorary FIA membership.

A list of the members of the FIA Committee is available here.