Action for environment | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
The FIA environment and sustainability commission was created in 2017 in order to:
  • Ensure that sustainability is integrated into all strategic elements of the FIA’s work plans and agendas for the Sport and Mobility pillars.
  • Support all relevant programmes, projects and initiatives of the Sport and Mobility divisions that promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility agendas.
  • Define and elaborate strategies that will work towards strengthening the FIA’s reputation as a leader of the global sustainability agenda.

The Commission is composed of 20 members who are representatives from Mobility and Sport Member Clubs. They are elected for a term of two years (renewable) and they meet twice to three times a year.


Action for environment

Felipe Calderón
Felipe Calderón

The FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission is presided by the former President of Mexico

The FIA has endorsed sustainability as a key component of its governance and is committed to making environmental best practice part of its core culture. To that end, our Commission will drive forward projects that contribute to the future of sustainable Mobility and Sport.
- Felipe Calderón
Jean Todt

FIA President

The world is changing, we need to act responsibly, and collectively manage our operations towards a sustainable future. Our goals are clear: promote a better life for all around the world, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
- Jean Todt - FIA President

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