The governing body of motor sport worldwide, the FIA is the globe's foremost force for safe, sustainable and fair motor sports competition.

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The FIA’s involvement in motor sport is almost as old as the automobile itself. With city-to-city racing becoming popular in the early 20th century, but with no rules governing safety or fair competition, the Automobile Club de France allied itself with 12 clubs from around the world to form the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus, the direct antecedent of the FIA.

In 1950, the recently established Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile inaugurated the Formula One World Championship and thus began the FIA’s evolution into a global motor sports force. The process has seen the  federation become the administrator of many of the world's most prestigious motor sports series, including F1, the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship and the World Touring Car Championship. The FIA is also at the forefront in the development of the motor sport of the future through the Formula E electric racing championship. 

As the governing body of world motor sport, the FIA seeks to not only effectively administer competition at all levels but also to promote the continuous improvement of safety standards across all forms of motor sport. The federation also encourages the adoption of common regulations for all forms of motor sports globally and advocates for the development of motor sport at all levels.

After a century at the centre of sporting development, the FIA's passion for competition is undiminished and its dedication to ensuring fair play and safety for all competitors continues to define its involvement in motor sport around the world.