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FIA European Hill-Climb Championship 2015

2015 FIA European Hill Climb Championship

It is an extremely intense race for the driver, albeit a short one – a race against time on a narrow, winding road with an average length of between 5 and 7km.

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FIA European Autocross Championship 2015

European Autocross Championship

The FIA European Autocross Championship takes place on a flat or ondulating circuit on natural terrain with any kind of unsealed surface (no ditches or water crossings). A sealed starting area may be constructed.

European Drag Racing Championship

What is a drag race?

In basic terms, a drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles over measured distance. These contests are started by means of an electronic device commonly called a "Christmas Tree". Upon leaving the starting line, each contestant activates a timer which is, in turn, stopped when the same vehicle reaches the finish line

The start-to-finish clocking is teh vehicle's E.T. (elapsed time), which serves to measure performance and often serves to determine handicaps during competition.

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FIA European Drag Racing Championship 2015