2016 FIA Alternative Energies Cup - Solar Events Cat I - Solar Powered Vehicles Circuit

Electric and New Energy Championship

The FIA organises the Electric and New Energy Championship for holders of an International licence, taking part in the qualifying Events : Circuits, Hill-Climbs and Rallies.

All vehicles must comply with the requirements of the current Technical regulations. Vehicles shall be classified according to the following categories:

Category I :

Solar powered vehicles and Olympia Class

Category II :

Solar and/or electrically powered prototype vehicles.

Category III :

African Rally Championship

The African Rally Championship is divided in two regions: 

  • North region: Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
  • South region: Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar

Rallies shall not exceed a total length of 1200 km. Of the 2 formats set out below, only one may be used.

Middle East Rally Championship

The Middle-East Rally Championship consists of the following countries: Dubai, Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar

Asia-Pacific Rally Championship

The Asia Pacific Rally Championship is divided in two regions: 

  • Asia region: China, India, Japan, Malaysia 
  • Pacific region: Australia, New Zealand

 A specific Cup is also organised in each of these regions.

The total distance of the special stages is set at a distance between 220 km and 280 km, and the maximum length of each special stage is 33 km.

 The following titles are awarded in the Championship: