European Rally Trophy

The FIA European Rally trophy is a new competition based on the previous European Rally Cup.

FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies

The FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies will be a maximum of 15 events and a minimum of 6. There will be a maximum of two events per country but this may be waived where significant competition takes place outside the country of the organiser/ASN.

Events Calendar

FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship 2015

FIA Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior Cars

Born in 1958 from an idea formulated by the Italian Count Giovanni Lurani, Formula Junior is, in many respects, the ancestor of the current Formula 4. Conceived to provide a point of entry into single-seaters, Formula Junior also put itself forward as economical, by using, among other things, mass-produced 1000 or 1100cc engines, gearboxes and brakes.