NACAM Rally Championship

Classes and groups of the FIA NACAM Rally Championship will be limited as follows:

  • 3  : N4
  • 5  : R3T (NACAM homologation)
  • 6  : A6, R2B
  • 8  : N3
  • 9  : N2, R1B

The recommended schedule of an event of the NACAM Rally Championship is:

Thursday :

  • Scrutineering and/or Media and/or Promotion.

Friday :





FIA Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior Cars

Lurani Trophy is for original Formula Junior cars of Period E (FJ/1) built in 1958-60, and of Period F (FJ/2) built in 1961-63, corresponding to the original Formula Junior Regulations as well as conforming of art. 3 and art. 6.19 of Appendix K : all cars shall have a valid HTP showing both the Date of original Manufacture asserted prior to 1966 and Year Asserted between 1958 and 1964.









Asia-Pacific Rally Championship

In the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, the eligible cars should follow additional provisions:

- Group A cars with a corrected cylinder capacity of less than 2000cc must have had their homologation accepted by the FIA for the region.

- Group A and N cars whose homologation has expired up to a maximum of four years before the beginning of the current year are permitted to participate in the rallies of the Championship on the following conditions: