GT3 European Championship


The official launch of the new FIA European GT3 Championship took place in 2005. This innovative new Championship, which take to the tracks, alongside the FIA GT, in 2006.

In the six years of its existence, the FIA GT3 European Championship has made a big impact on the world of motorsport.

GT3 regulations have become the standard for almost all of the national and international GT series across the world. The FIA GT1 World Championship has also adopt GT3 technical regulations in 2012.











Codasur Rally Championship

The cars eligible to enter an FIA Codasur regional championship event are:

Classe 2

  • Group S2000-Rally: 2.0 Atmospheric
  • Group R4

Classe 3

  • Group N cars over 2000cc (N4 2010)
  • Maxi Rally

Classe 6

  • Group A cars over 1400cc and up to 1600cc

Classe 8



NACAM Rally Championship

Classes and groups of the FIA NACAM Rally Championship will be limited as follows:

  • 3  : N4
  • 5  : R3T (NACAM homologation)
  • 6  : A6, R2B
  • 8  : N3
  • 9  : N2, R1B

The recommended schedule of an event of the NACAM Rally Championship is:

Thursday :

  • Scrutineering and/or Media and/or Promotion.

Friday :