The SuperBuggy results from the Autocross Nova Paka are subject to the outcome of an appeal currently pending.

European Autocross Championship

The FIA European Autocross Championship takes place on a flat or ondulating circuit on natural terrain with any kind of unsealed surface (no ditches or water crossings). A sealed starting area may be constructed.

There will be a maximum of 12 events per year.

There will be at least 4 laps in each qualifying Heat, and the total distance must not exceed 7,000m.


The FIA championship is open to vehicles :

- Division SuperBuggy :


FIA European Autocross Championship

17.05.2014ADAC Autocross SeelowDEU
23.05.2014Musa BauskaLVA
28.06.2014ADAC Autocross MatschenbergDEU
04.07.2014Autocross Nova PakaCZE
18.07.201443ème Auto-Cross de St georges de MontaiguFRA

European Drag Racing Championship

What is a drag race?

In basic terms, a drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles over measured distance. These contests are started by means of an electronic device commonly called a "Christmas Tree". Upon leaving the starting line, each contestant activates a timer which is, in turn, stopped when the same vehicle reaches the finish line.


FIA European Drag Racing Championship

23.05.2014The Main EventGBR
03.07.2014FHRA Nitro NationalsFIN
10.08.2014DMV NitrolympxDEU
21.08.2014Scandinavian InternationalsSWE
04.09.2014The European FinalsGBR

World Cup for Cross Country Rallies

A Cross-Country Rally is a sporting event which the itinerary covers the territory of one or several countries. There are three types of Cross-Country event : Cross-Country Rally, Cross-Country Marathon Rally (Marathon) and Cross-Country Baja (Baja).

A Cross-Country Rally is an event with a total distance between 1200 and 3000km. The total distance for the selective sections must be at least 1200km. The event must tast no more than 8 days (including scrutineering and Super special stage).

European Truck Racing Championship

The FIA organises the European Truck Racing Championship reserved for Race Trucks. The eligible vehicles are series production two-axle road tractor units.

An ETRC event is organised over 2 days and made up of four “Championship” races:

Day 1: