As a sneak preview to AUTO #10, watch our exclusive video and read about Stefano Domenicali's new role as President of the FIA's Single-Seater Commission.
As a sneak peak to AUTO #10, watch our exclusive video and read about how Formula E is bringing top-level racing to major cities worldwide. Find out how it sets up a street circuit in the centre of a city.
Hearing of Friday, 20 November 2015 (Case IT 2015-01)
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Events Calendar

*4 Tesla Rally (SRB) to be held on 16-18 October is cancelled.
 Tour de Belgique New Energy (BEL) to be held on 13-15 November is cancelled.


2015 FIA Alternative Energies Cup-Driving Tests events cat VII - VIII - IIIA

Alternative Energies Cup

The FIA organises the Alternaitve Energies Cup for holders of an International licence, taking part in the qualifying Events : Circuits, Hill-Climbs and Rallies.

All vehicles must comply with the requirements of the current Technical regulations. Vehicles shall be classified according to the following categories:

Category I :

Solar powered vehicles and Olympia Class

Category II :

Solar and/or electrically powered prototype vehicles.

Category III :